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More About Champagne Diamond Earrings

If you are one who is a fan of diamonds but wishes to try something new than the plain old white diamonds, now is your chance! Exuding a beautiful champagne like golden hue, champagne diamonds jewellery is sure to light up your face and add that perfect glint.

Completing any look from an elegant one to a party one, earrings are one of the most essential elements. Our collection of these earrings will ensure that you have the perfect pick for every occasion. From studs, to hoops, from drops to solitaires, we have it all! Like all coloured diamonds, champagne diamonds too have a much-coveted brilliance, and their unique earthy-tone sparkle is a must-have for every collection. Come and explore our collection of champagne diamond earrings online that will only leave you wanting for more!

Solitaire style stud earrings are one that not only add elegance but also add a timeless classic charm to your looks. Solitaire designs even become more meaningful as they are a promise of an eternal bond of love of a lifetime. Adding more to the stud designs are floral designs which are designed intricately to add a dainty charm to your looks. Keeping in sync with the feminine appeal, each of the designs are impeccably curated to only accentuate your looks. Floral patterns are always a charmer, whether set in a geometrical pattern, pressure set or in an open disc design, solitaire champagne diamond stud earrings are always one of the top picks for their evergreen appeal.

One style of earrings which has been a fashion staple since ages and yet has a contemporary charm are champagne diamond hoop earrings. You can make a choice from different hoop designs like the J-shape half hoops, inside-out hoop designs or a pair that is a full hoop and dangles at your lobes fervently while allowing the champagne diamonds to glisten at each angle. Hoops have been a favourite of many women and are a style one that suit the tastes of women of all age groups. They are perfect to bring alive any look in a jiffy.

Champagne diamonds rank a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness and can be thus, cut and shaped in any desired form. While they glisten on the framework of the pair you are ready to don, champagne diamonds also suit well in any form of setting, but a prong setting allows their beauty to be maximised.

A muted earthy brown lustre to the one which is literally a golden one just like their name, champagne diamonds, TJC promises to bring you champagne diamonds of the most premium quality and ones which are authentic with certification. From a varied collection of champagne diamonds earrings in UK, we are sure we house a collection which offers a perfect pair to one and all! Come pick your favourite pair to grace your presence at that big event or mark the occasion with a loved one, diamonds are surely for forever!

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