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More About Diamond Rings

Diamonds are the perfect gem for every occasion. Unearth the perfect and ideal one for wearing across the seasons, with TJC. Whether you are searching for a stunning diamond ring to wear every day as a treat to yourself, an exceptional diamond engagement ring to present to your spouse or elegant eternity rings as a display of your everlasting love, we've got something to suit every style and budget.

Find something you adore with a unique and truly special piece by Iliana or Rhapsody that will have you at the centre of attention, or search for something elegantly contemporary with a classic twist with a ring that sparkles and will catch your eye. Discover elegant ring pieces for women in our vast collection and find a piece of jewellery that can be worn to any soiree.

Whether you are looking for something to gift to yourself or a special someone, choose a timeless piece that combines quality cut diamonds, amazing clarity and an unforgettable ‘wow’ factor that will have you falling in love with your chosen piece over and over again, years after your purchase.

If you are the one who has been eyeing to buy some exquisite pieces in diamonds, don’t worry we have got you covered. From a vast repertoire of the most enticing diamond dazzle, we have curated only the best and that is certainly a huge collection.

Gold Diamond Rings

It is an unrestrained indulgence and the glistening hues of gold and the untarnished dazzle of diamonds make it one sight to behold. The amalgamation of gold and diamond is so pristine and takes the eyes from the very first glance. Explore a massive collection of the most eclectic bling of finely cut diamonds that further goes with high-end adroitness. It is all in the breathtaking allure of gold diamond rings that marks it one of the prime choices for a guilt free indulgence in the jewellery collection of almost all the ladies. The gold so chosen could be in yellow and white.

Yellow Gold Diamond rings

Yellow gold is surreal to see. Blame it on the impeccable hue or the sheer brilliance of the diamond, but yellow gold is definitely all the rage. The harmony of gold and diamond is of another level in yellow gold diamond rings. Yellow gold glistening effect and the untarnished sparkle of diamonds make an impressive concoction to sway those minds. Women from all walks of life have a heart for this brilliance, and in their lifetime, they don’t refrain from making an exceptional appearance adorning a vivacious ring with this composition.

White Gold Diamond Rings

White gold is just pristine! Whether you are opting for an engagement ring or a wedding ring, the beauty so poured in an all-white combo of diamond and white gold is undefinable. It certainly glam up your fingers with an unblemished shine. An ideal way to propose your lady is with a heart stealing ring and a white gold diamond ring with diamonds flanking on the top or a solitaire for that matter is just enchanting. Finding a ring for your love or for yourself is quite easy today as ecommerce has opened several rooms for buying that perfect ring. So, here you go, make way for a ring of your dreams with a white gold love and some beautiful diamonds enhancing the beauty of the ring to some next level.

Platinum Diamond Rings

Talking about such an expensive metal and a very precious stone, it is believed that only the high-up get to wear it. But no, with TJC there is no such refrains. Get yourself a stunning piece from TJC’s alluring platinum diamond rings collection that is seamlessly breathtaking and incorporates a shine that is of paramount. Platinum brings in grace, sophistication and elements of opulence that jingles with the sparkle of diamonds. These are epitome of pristine craftsmanship and high quality diamonds oozing the minds and exuding unexplainable charm. So, have one to explore it yourself.

Silver Diamond Rings

When you get such an affordable diamond option, who would want to miss it? Well, taking it forward, silver diamond rings is the way to accessories with diamonds you never did before. Being in Sterling silver, these have got a mass appeal and leave no stone unturned in enticing. If you have a heart for silver jewellery, a silver diamond could be the belle of the ball or of your jewellery collection for that matter. Rings are a great accessory to fashion up and add the attributes of bling to a plain look. Silver ace up in this game of accessorising and ingests a bling that is irresistible. Also, the diamond infusion is of another level to put in vibrancy and stand out notes of excellence.

Blue Diamond Rings

Blue diamonds, oh yes! Whether you are going to an evening soiree or attending a wedding, this one piece is everything to add all the possible charm to your attire. Yes, blue diamond rings at TJC are bewitching and exclusively designed to up your glam quotient. The exclusive diamond in the colour blue looks extremely majestic and dissipates regal vibes to your overall look. Not only that, the adroitness so put in the piece and untarnished bling of the blue diamond is enough to let one adorn a gorgeous piece like this without any second thought. Have a stunning ring from TJC and inspire the world for some real bling goals.

0.5 Carat Diamond ring

If you know, the real value of a diamond is analysed with its carat weight. More the carat weight more will be its value. TJC unravels some exquisite 0.5 Carat Diamond ring for women as around. These are all things gorgeous and adroitly designed to steal the hearts. With fine cuts, shapes and mounting, these are an incredible option to get the bling at an affordable price. Diamond is a must have bling for the new age women and goes well with almost any sort of look one is putting. Whether it a party or a gala night or for that work commitments, a diamond bling on your fingers is always worthy to allure the world.

1 Carat Diamond Ring

Set beautifully with precious metals, 1 carat diamond ring is an aspiration for every woman to have. If you are looking to whet your desires for a 1 Ct. diamond bling, go nowhere else than TJC to discover the most alluring collection that is everything to put you head over heels with every piece you buy. Big, bright and bewitching baubles are no miss and when the carat mark of diamond goes to 1 carat, it seems to be everything. So, make it in your treasure trove collection now and experience the bling that you always wanted to immerse yourself in. Such is the magic, we say!

1.5 Carat Diamond Ring

Shine like you never did wearing a stunner ring from TJC that is set into a vivacious 1.5 carat diamond and fashioned with precious metals. These are great to stamp your love. Such is the beauty of a huge diamond that will entice your lady all her life. So, shine and sparkle with the seamless vibrancy of diamonds and that too when it captivates a 1.5 carat mark is nothing but a stealer. TJC boasts of it exquisite jewellery collection incorporates only the best. Be it the rarest of gemstones or a design never seen, every piece in itself is a marvel. Same is the stunning beauty of a 1.5 carat diamond ring which holds the eyes and call for a classic heirloom.

Indulge in certified diamonds set in your favourite gold, silver or super reflective platinum and explore many styles including everything from pressure set and cluster designs to stand alone solitaires. Whatever you decide on, discover dazzling collection that say ‘I love you’ in a way more than words can express with TJC.

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