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More About Web Exclusive Collection

What is Web Exclusive Collection?

Almost every woman who has been shopping jewellery for a while become a connoisseur of the glitzy adornments in her own way. She has got an eye for quality and will prefer wearing exceptional designs. AT TJC we make your shopping experience smooth with our extraordinary products that you can’t buy anywhere else! Our Web exclusive range is sold at only one place, here! To intrigue you, our team has presented jewellery inspired by eclectic themes, so you feel pampered with every purchase. Take a look at our product below and choose something that suits your taste.

Spoils You for Choices

Boosting of a massive selection, our Web exclusive collection is all you have dreamed of, as it hosts an alluring set of smaller collections to cater to your styling needs. It is a one-stop destination for your entire family!

Children’s Collection:- Our adorable children’s jewellery gives your kid a chance to choose accessories for herself. These endearing pieces are designed to maintain the innocence of your child’s face and so come in dainty size, adding a subtle glow.

Personalised Collection :- There are some of you who wish to wear jewellery that integrates a part of your personality. Nothing can be more satisfying than a personalised piece of jewellery to quench your thirst. With our online only collection, you can grab the opportunity to buy necklaces, pendants, bracelet, charm and rings that spell your name. For those of you who love to wear poetic messages or words that hide in themselves strong emotions, we made engraving free on these products. Our personalised pieces give you the best of both worlds by allowing you to decide the metal tone and length along with the engraved words.

Birth Flower Collection :- Flowers are a pleasing sight for every human being. Along with extraordinary beauty, they also are associated with different symbolic meanings. Your birthday definitely speaks something about you. So why not wear it on your hand and ears with our birth flower jewellery?

Loose Gemstone Collection :- Designing jewellery entirely from scratch is a bit more fun? Don’t you agree? If you and your partner have decided to buy the gemstone for your engagement first and then go to your traditional jeweller for the setting, our loose gemstones are your first stop. Comprising of all the gems you can possibly imagine, it takes you on a magical journey with pristine diamonds, aquamarine, ruby, tanzanite and more offered in edgy cuts. The best part, you can find glitzy jewels in varying weight from extremely smaller ones that can replace your worn-out sides stone in your old ring, to larger 5-carat ones for cocktail rings.

Wait, this is just a glimpse of our few collections. From time to time we introduce new collections into our Web Exclusive range to make it interesting for you.

Perfect for Gift Giving

We know how much you love celebrating the important milestones of you and your dear one’s life. Marking those unforgettable moments of your loved one’s life with something special is an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether it is christening of your favourite niece or the birthday of your child, we have plenty of options to delight their bright faces. When it is your own wedding anniversary and you wish to surprise your partner with a luxurious present without breaking the bank, our custom jewellery helps.

Why shop from TJC?

Our online only collection in UK allows you to collect true jewel that trend for a lasting time because our experts pick each design after conducting intense research. For delivering you the best quality, we employ the greatest standard of craftsmanship.

From the ever-present nature to marvellous architectural elements, vintage designs and classic styles, we integrate all these to satiate your appetite. Each of your jewellery puts on a display an exotic theme you want to become a part of.