More About Giuseppe Perez Jewellery

We’re celebrating the fabulous works of Giuseppe Perez, our most loved designer at TJC. Even though he’s no more with us, his spirit lives on, reflected perfectly in his gorgeous works of art. Full of vibrant colours and merry sparkle, his designs have always had a penchant for something inspiring. TJC treasures the brilliant and beautiful designs of the artist and continues to bring you some of his most sought-after pieces. Come and shop from a collection of the bestselling online GP jewellery in UK.

Perez had come from a long line of jewellery makers and designers who have created showstopping jewellery pieces for not only celebrities but also monarchs. Giuseppe’s father, Gianni Perez, is widely known for crafting Marilyn Monroe’s baguette engagement ring, given to her by Joe Di Maggio.

Infusing his Italian style and his love of gorgeous gems and metals, Giuseppe Perez truly knew how to create a piece of jewellery that transforms the way the wearer feels, redefining the meaning of luxury.

Giuseppe’s collection has always been inspired by an eclecticism and passion for everything beautiful. He brought passion and elegance to every jewellery piece, with the main aim being to make every person wearing his jewellery feel special; but also designed jewellery that can be worn every day, as well as become a companion of life and travel.

Continuing his eternal legacy is his daughter, Gaia Perez. Each of his pieces displayed here is unique and laced with the highly revered gemstones, adored throughout the globe, so indulge in the new Giuseppe Perez jewellery collection now at TJC, and discover a stunning piece created by a legacy of family, passion and love.