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In this boundless world of creativity and designs, the inspiration is not too tough to find. If you seek, you can find an ideal inspiration everywhere, and that is what makes our collection a winning range. We draw the best and thoughtful designs and hand-carved products in order to make them as special as our customers. To value this unique range, they are available exclusively online to you. Needless to mention the world-class manufacturing and dedicated craftsmanship, at TJC, we believe in nothing less than extraordinary. Explore some of our best categories available online to you:

Web Exclusive Categories

Regal Rings:- Our rings collection will welcome you to the wondrous world of designs. We have something concerning your every demand. From beautiful and very thoughtful birthstones to the sparkle of stars with the splash of colours. Designs like halo, solitaire and band are trendy in this category.

Enchanted Earrings:- The magic at TJC happens in the earrings section. Here, you will find designs and inspirations from all around the world. From precious and rare gems to some very shimmery pairs, each pair in here can win your heart and soul. Popular designs like halo, solitaire and drop rules this range with the gems like Ruby, Emerald, Tanzanite and even the pretty Pearls.

Promising Pendants:- Bringing the beauty of many worlds and inspirations from the best, the collection of pendants is rich in beauty and products. This myriad range can be the ray of life adorned with various gemstones and artistic metalwork. Seeking inspiration from everyday elements, the collection is popular for the freshness of ideas. Some famous designs include the bids, butterfly, and flowers, drawing all the love from nature. Here, you can ideally find something to celebrate the joy of life and shopping.

Beautiful Bracelets:- Who needs extravagant sparkles when we can have a minimally simple bracelet to embrace the wrist? Our collection unfurls the beauty and extensive line of products designed by skilled hands. Go blindfold in this collection and own the uniqueness of tennis, beaded, charm or maybe a station bracelet today.

Other Amazing Accessories:- Something extra is always better, like that cherry on top! Something equally enticing as your jewellery collection. The accessories we have in store for you is just as sweet as that cherry. Now throw more charms in your favourite bracelet and fancy your stack effortlessly with this colossal collection we have. There is always something good waiting for you in accessories!