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More About Cetuem Cosmetics

Boasting skin, hair, and nail solutions that are passed down in the family over time, the secrets in thpe Cetuem range of cosmetics is everything that people are talking about! The popular British cosmeceutical company believes in producing everything in-house and has set up its base in the country itself. However, the featured ingredients are imported from only the best locations of availability.

The married duo, John and Andria Vassiliou have been developing and evolving the company name for over 30 years now. Both of them are highly experienced in the field with their career spanning to over 40 years! The origin of Cetuem is just a story to tell! John followed the field trotting to his father’s footsteps and gained knowledge in the hair and beauty trade. Andria has a degree in the field and started out practising as a professional cosmetologist. Sooner than later, their paths crossed and they put their combined efforts into the glorious birth of Cetuem in 1987.

Settled with their head office in North London, the brand follows the philosophy of combining the essence of nature with technology of science. Gathering the knowledge of the best possible solutions for skin, hair, and nail problem, the Cetuem family has been practicing a lot in the fields of cosmetic science, naturopathy, osteopathy, and cosmetology. Continuous research and evolving studies help them find better solutions over time. They’re confident in their efforts and keep performing for the better.

One thing that the team of Cetuem Cosmetics follows is in-house development. They truly believe that the products act best if they’re used fresh. And for that purpose, their base is set in the country, where they can deliver the final cosmetic product at the quickest possible period. But, this does absolutely not mean that the products have a little or none shelf life. All their cosmetics are incredibly long-lasting and deliver the promises for a very, very long time to come.

Cetuem Cosmetics’ entire product range can be divided into four broad categories, which are for the skin, hair, nails, and for waxing. The former respective fields have products like shampoos, body treatment packs, serums, foot care products, nail colours, hair dryers and clippers, et cetera. The waxing selection holds a range of essentials that might be in use before, during, or in the after-care of wax, like aloe products.

Promising the deliverance of excellence, this company has earned quite a famed name for itself. And TJC presents you all they have to offer. Enjoy a lush range of these products at reasonable prices and quick shipping, exclusively with TJC!

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