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More About Certified Diamond Jewellery

The inescapable thrill of diamonds and the swathing charm of jewellery made in their embellishment doesn’t need words of validation. Known to be women’s best friends, diamonds stay on top of what we love and cherish. At TJC, we offer you a whole, aweing plethora of certified diamond jewellery in UK, which allows you to choose from the high-grade and posh fashion.

Immersive excellence and glittering charm make abode in our pieces. The range that we have to offer will scope the ends of the horizon. Making features of the minimal and graceful lays, our selection also lets you binge on the extravagant delights. Our pieces of certified diamond jewellery in gold or silver have made rounds of fame and name. So, come and shop with us for exclusivity.

As of now, we’re promising the certification of two major and established labs. They are:

IGI (International Gemological Institute): Known to deliver reports for an international level of diamond quality, IGI is a name that is known and hear everywhere. It has its headquarters in UK and it grades certified diamond jewellery on the basis of colour and clarity

SGL (Solitaire Gemological Laboratories):Another name that we swear by is this one. Giving diamonds their suited grading, the lab identifies the best pieces and lends them its stamp of approval. At TJC, we have a whole selection of SGL-certified diamond jewellery for your perusal. It has its labs set all over the world.

Our Collection

TJC is a name that is known of and heard across the globe for its bestselling jewellery ideas. We offer you excellence and brilliance laid in the classiest of styles, all for the take. Come and take a look at all that we have to offer:

Certified Diamond Earrings

The bestselling and most-loved grade of our selection offers you the divinity of certified diamond earrings. Ranging from the minimal and swoon-worthy purity of solitaire-style stud earrings, our collection also offers you the lushness of chandelier-style drop earrings. The extravagant styles are loved just as much as the simple styles, and you have here, all at your disposal

Certified Diamond Rings

Another stunning selection brings you the might and glory of Certified Diamond Rings. Studded with the multiple cuts and sparkling facets, our rings come in several covetable selections. Here, you’ll find the show-stopping and stately elegance of solitaire diamond rings and you’ll also find clustered treats that add loving sparkles to your fingers.

Certified Diamond Pendants

IIf you’re seeking to wear the dainty and sparkling presence at the base of your neck in a trendy style, then our selection of Certified Diamond Pendants is just what you need. Embellished with only the high-grade and certified treats, the pendants come in a lot of styles – like solitaire, Circle of Life, trilogy, and more.

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