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More About Notebooks and Pens

The utility of stationery is undeniable. From school right up till our professional days, we all need stationery at all times of our lives. It just needs to be so that we pick the perfect kind of stationery for the perfect place. These also become the best kinds of presents for our loved ones. Find here a spanning and wide collection of the essentials and shop for the ones that you’ve got your eyes on.

In the term “stationery,” we include all the things that we need on our desk at all times. Among the several others, notebooks and pens maintain the highest importance. Even in the modern time of machines, the importance and convenience of pen on paper are unmatchable. We bring you just that, perfected in the best jackets and designs. TJC’s collection of Notebooks and Pens has a beautiful range with designs assorted just for you. Find more below:

Our Collection of Notebooks and Pens

With rich and bestselling notebooks and pens collection, we present you the best class of utility. All the products enlisted in the range below have been professionally designed and crafted to not only meet your expectations of the best, but also deliver a bit extra. Find a suiting piece for all tastes and preferences.


Comprising of diaries, a4 notebooks, pockets notebooks, and whole lo more, this collection is all about the paper needs. We offer a high quality of paper being used in all these, with a longer life and durable thickness. Some selected products of our collection also present recycled paper being used, which has a positive environment impact. With wood covers, leather covers, faux fur covers, our selection truly has it all that you could have wanted, and a bit more too!


Professionally designed for an ergonomic grip, our designs of luxury pens bring you the true worth of your buck. With style etched in detail, these are sure to not only complement your own style, but also leave an impact on the onlookers. Made in all-metal shine or filled with crystals, these are unique in their own fantastic way.

Notebook and Pen Set

At TJC, we also offer you must-have sets of notebooks and pens online. Based on a particular theme or assorted for a certain kind of requirement, these have been specially thought out to bring only the best to you. Relish the tasteful opulence and class that has been procured with the best quality. Shop from our collection and find the best prices, too.

Why Choose TJC?

Shopping for notebooks and pens online in UK is certainly done better when it is done with us. We bring you a vast and celebrated collection of truly the best. These luxury features offer you a wide and spanning range to choose from. And not only a huge, rich diversity, we also provide the best prices. Find the perfect value for each buck you spend with us.