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More About Loose Gemstone Auctions

One of the most treasured forms of jewellery is the one which is decked with bright gemstones, bringing any design to life. If you enjoy vivid hues of colours from a painter’s colour palette, then TJC's £1 gemstone auction is the perfect opportunity to find your best bargain deals. Concerned about the cost? No more, since all you have to do is log in to the TJC's gemstone online auction, place your bids, and wait till the deal gets over. You could get lucky and win the auction, bringing home a piece of art at an incredible price. There are several high-end gemstones available from £1 at auctions as well. So, place your bids and add the desired gem to your collection.

Gemstones are a special gift to give to anyone, but sometimes the cut of a gemstone makes it look more distinctive. Gemstones have many meanings behind them, from birthstone symbolism to being ideal for giving your old jewellery a new look.

Gemstones with their spell-binding sparkle have often won hearts, and many people have a favourite stone, whether because of what it represents or just because of the colour. So, let's have a look at some of our most popular gemstones for this season, an ideal gifting option or to add to your collection.

You can find one of the most colourful pieces here in different skilful cuts and shapes, perfect for adorning any piece of jewellery. Find your pieces in authentically sourced carat weights and each displaying a flawless finish.

Our gemstone auction collection boasts of Jade, Amethyst, Fire Opal, Rainbow Moonstone, Goshenite, and more at incredible prices!

The best part about our gemstone auctions online is that you choose your pieces and win them at the price that you want as you place your bids starting from £1. The excitement of winning your bids and outbidding the others is the highlight of our gemstone auctions in the UK. You will not find these premium qualities of loose gemstones on auction anywhere else in the UK and that too with the benefit of winning them at a chosen price, set by you!

So, whether you are looking for a meaningful gift for a birthday or an anniversary, to pamper your loved ones, or to refurbish your old jewellery with a new look, our gemstone auctions are where you will find all the delights coming alive from a painter's palette.

Why Choose TJC

There is no bother in putting a bid, monitoring the products you have bid on, and finally winning it with a user-friendly web featured auctions experience. TJC has a flawless and transparent process to satisfy every customer. We here at TJC take pride in bringing smiles to people's face when they win the bid for their desired products.