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More About Rose Gold Jewellery

Who would have imagined that an alloy of Gold will turn out to be so much better and prettier? Apparently, the Russians did, as they introduced an unfamiliar combination of Copper with Gold to get an appealing pink-hued metal during the 19th century. Owing to its origin, Rose Gold was initially known as Russian Gold and the jewellery became a hit in the Mid-Victorian Era. It may have come into fashion relatively later than other metals but it sure is here to stay forever and we at TJC, have put together a beautiful collection of Rose Gold Jewellery for the women in the UK.

With a pinkish tone not as bright as yellow gold or as understated as the white gold, Rose Gold is just the perfect colour to add glamour to any of your outfits, be it occasion-wear or everyday wear. Our eclectic collection is a rich mix of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bangles and pendants elegantly crafted in 9K, 14K or 18K Rose Gold. With some pieces finished in dual tone or triple tone with white and yellow gold, we have something for everyone that will suit individual style and budget preferences.

Associated with romance and femininity, soft rosy blush colour is a great way to punctuate your style; pick a sophisticated Rose Gold ring from our JCK Vegas or Royal Bali collection and let it sit effortlessly on your finger day in and day out. The rosy colour is impeccable, looking equally great by itself and in combination with other colours, making a gemstone or diamond setting look all the more classy and dressy. Choose an exquisite pair of earrings and a pendant from the Iliana collection finished with certified diamonds to glamourise your look for a special occasion or delight a dear friend with a Rose Gold piece featuring Morganite, Morogoro Peach Sunstone or Pink Sapphire.

Rose Gold jewellery from TJC is timeless and elegant, discover something you love today!

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