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More About Champagne Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds is one gemstone from around the world that is a favourite amongst women and men equally. While white diamonds do be the regular approach, coloured diamonds are taking centre stage nowadays to suit modern tastes and demands. One such fine example are champagne diamonds. Found naturally from the Argyle mine of western Australia, Champagne diamonds have a unique celebratory colour as their hue alludes to their given name. From a lesser yellow tint to a deep brown tint, champagne diamonds get their unique colour owing to the presence of nitrogen in their crystal formation.

Unique, rare and natural like many other coloured diamonds, Champagne diamond jewellery online is gaining much popularity to suit the distinct tastes of modern brides, women and even men! Best for collectors for their treasure, this range is love at first sight! Discussed below are some of the jewellery designs we at TJC offer in champagne diamonds.

CHAMPAGNE DIAMOND RINGS: From classic solitaire designs, band rings, statement rings or rings that will best suit to deck your hands on your big day, the options are plenty and limitless. Different cuts and sizes offered to each diamond makes each jewellery piece unique and renders to you a pick for every occasion.

CHAMPAGNE DIAMOND EARRINGS: Solitaire studs, floral pressure set designs, hoops, you name it and we have it! This variety of colour diamonds will add a balance to your look with its earthy tones while also adding a perfect glint to your face. You can choose and pick a classic and timeless elegance to fashion forward designs, the choice is all yours!

As diamonds are considered to equate with a sophisticated and elegant look, champagne diamond jewellery too radiates the same charm. They add to your unique personality and let the world know of your different taste and choice. Ranking a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Champagne diamonds are as sturdy and hard as regular white diamonds. Best suited to be donned in a warmer metal finish, gold plated champagne diamond jewellery looks every bit ethereal and is sure to make heads turn.

Offering you a variety to choose from and keeping in sync with both, the classic charm and contemporary demands, we at TJC offer you an unparalleled collection of champagne diamond jewellery in UK at unbeatable prices. Assuring you a promise of quality with the best of prices is what we cater to offer so that each time you shop with us, you only trust us more! Get spoilt for choice and come choose a piece that best speaks to you from our collection now!

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