Home Wares

Home solutions are now easier! From kitchen to your living room, and even outdoor, we have something for your every requirement. Participate in homeware auctions, auction begins only at £1, bid now! Also enjoy free bidding and zero reserve prices.

  • 1h 20m 9s

    £3 (3 bids)
    J.B is Winning!
  • 2h 3m 16s

    £6 (6 bids)
    D.B is Winning!
  • 6h 50m 42s

    £8 (8 bids)
    A.S is Winning!
  • 8h 35m 1s

    £11 (5 bids)
    S.H is Winning!
  • 19h 34m 15s

    £2 (2 bids)
    l.h is Winning!