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More About Exclusive Rings

Rings are objects of beauty and desire, a symbol of status and sentiments, a representation of love and eternity. Known to have been a coveted item of jewellery throughout the history of mankind, rings today hold a special place in every woman’s collection. It is not a mere accessory; it holds deeper meaning and significance being the only piece of jewellery that is presented as a token of love and commitment. After delighting the women in UK with impeccable gemstone jewellery at incredible prices ever offered on TV and online, TJC has now put on display an eclectic collection of Rings exclusive only to the Web customers.

Seeking inspiration from the Mother Nature and everything around us, our artists have deftly designed and crafted these pieces in precious Silver, Gold and Platinum as a perfect way to instantly accentuate your overall look. Choose a piece that is close to your heart from our Bird, Cosmos and Butterfly collections or go for a luxury piece from our in-house brands Rhapsody and Iliana. TJC also offers designer Rings from the house of Lucy Q and Rachel Galley which will steal your heart at first sight and will entice you forever.

Symbol of Love: Forever and Beyond

Ancient Egyptians regarded circle, with no beginning and end, as a symbol of eternity and presentation of the same from a man to woman signified their unending love. Rings ever since have had a critical role to play in matrimony, right from engagement to wedding, to anniversary and childbirth. To mark these significant moments of your life, TJC brings to you an extensive array of Engagement, Wedding and Eternity Rings under the Nupital collection. If you are planning to propose or preparing for a wedding or celebrating years of togetherness, look no further than TJC’s Exclusive Rings flaunting precious diamonds and gemstones.

Splash of Colours: Sparkling birthstones

For centuries, man has believed gemstones to possess mystical qualities and powers to ward off evil, instil positivity and protect the wearer. At TJC, we have the biggest collection of exclusive gemstone rings studded with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, Tanzanite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Opal, Turquoise, Quartz and more. Rings are a perfect everyday accessory and what better way than punctuating your style with a birthstone sitting proudly on your finger. Add a splash of colour to your look every day or don some diamonds for special occasions from our exclusive Embryo collection featuring birthstones.

Bold and Beautiful: Styles for every heart

Wear your attitude on your fingers with an immaculate ring from TJC’s web exclusive collection.

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