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More About What is Appraised Jewellery?

What is a Jewellery Appraisal?

A jewellery valuation or appraisal is a procedure in which a certified professional evaluates and declares a pound value for jewellery, such as a diamond or an engagement ring.

Why Buy Appraised Jewellery?

There are various reasons to buy appraised jewellery. Some of the most common are mentioned below:

  • When you buy an appraised ring, you know the fair market value of your purchase
  • In case the jewellery is stolen, the appraisal document will be useful not only for insurance purposes but also for jewellery identification in case it is found.
  • There are many instances wherein you may need documented proof of your jewellery valuation, and an appraisal can come in useful in such circumstances.
  • If you have a precious diamond ring, then your diamond ring appraisal will be a useful document in deciding the insurance value and premium of the jewel. The insurers usually ask to present proof of the value of the jewel.
  • Buy Appraised Jewellery Online

    Jewellery is not only about fashion and luxury but also has a monetary value attached to it as well. So, when you buy jewellery with appraisal online, you get your favourite jewel and receive documented proof of your jewellery valuation.

    TJC’s Appraised Jewellery Collection includes beautiful jewellery ranging from solitaire, halo, cluster, and appraised band rings to stud, dangle and halo earrings to solitaire and drop pendants. The jewels are meticulously designed with precious and semi-precious gemstones like the Diamond, Tanzanite, Emerald, Moissanite, Turkizite, and Ethiopian Welo Opal. All the appraised jewellery pieces are beautifully set in the glorious platinum, 18K rose gold and 18K yellow gold for a luxurious look.

    Keeping up with the latest fashion trends, we ensure that we offer our exclusively designed jewellery online with valuation documents at the best value possible. So, whether you are searching for something for yourself or present to someone special, explore a variety of styles, including everything from prong set and cluster designs to stunning solitaires.

    Whatever you decide on, discover something unique and special with TJC!