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More About Lamps

Lamps can single-handedly light up your room. They can cast magical plays of lights that make your room feel animated and alive! And for that purpose, we have displayed an enormous range of lamps, all for your benefit! Be it a table, lamp, floor lamp, LED lamp, we have all the styles and designs that you might require.

Our highlighted feature includes a grand display of Tiffany-style lamps. Peppered with mosaic patterns of exotic coloured glasses, these lamps look princely placed at the corners of any room! Just find the colours that match your interior and see the transformational appeal it brings with itself! Priced at reasonable and affordable budgets, these lamps come with a guarantee of satisfaction from us!

Our range includes a spectacular collection of any kind of lamp you might need, be it a table lamp, floor lamp, or bedside lamp! We also offer you a vast range of special LED lamps, which come with money-saving light sources. Save up energy, and consecutively money with this new technology, without having to compromise with the brightness. In fact, LED are said to last much longer than all the other alternate options.

The main appeal of our collection is the colours! We offer you a myriad of rich colours that cast a magical and mesmerizing display on the walls. Our designs all highlight antique presence with a dash of modern twists. With efficient raw resources, we promise you our products come with a long life.

When it comes to the quality of the products, you don’t have to worry at all! We have set up multiple quality analysis centres, where our analysers diligently scrutinize each product with time and efforts, so that the final product that reaches you of uncompromised quality. We only get our goods from the most trusted sellers so that we can deliver you nothing short of utter perfection. We ensure that our packaging department also takes good and gentle care of the products that are fragile and breakable, so be assured that you’ll find your lamp in the best condition. If you’re not satisfied with your product, you can also choose to return it. Read our return policies to know more.

To make your experience as smooth as possible, we take intensive and extreme care of the working of our customer portal. We have devised a user-friendly interface for your ease of access. Not only that, but have also employed filters and refinements on the left side of the page so you can sort through your selection in a way that you want it. Be it on terms of budget, styles, bestsellers, or even advises from our in-house experts, we provide easy filter.

You shall also get your goods delivered in the shortest time possible. We work hard on our delivery services and make sure that the product reaches right at your doorstep. We also offer return services; just remember to go through our policies.

We’d love to hear back from you, so please provide your feedback and we promise to act on it! If you want to know more about the offers and the deals that we have in store for you, remember o sign up for our newsletter! Happy shopping, only with TJC!

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