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Jardin De France

We take care of you in every way. Presented is a range of gardening supplies from Jardin De France, which present ease of accessibility to people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, and painful wrists. Select the tool that’s made just for you. [Read More]

More About Jardin De France

For the aficionados of gardening, here’s a collection of tools you’ve been waiting for. The Jardin De France selection brings you gardening supplies that’ll make nursing tress and plants all easier. Especially targeted at people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, or wrist and hand pains, these helpful devices let you find peace in gardening without causing any pain or discomfort. Browse through the collection to find the device that has been made just for you.

Aiming at your ease and convenience, the collection of these revolutionary tools with make gardening pain-free and hassle-free. Built to last a lifetime, these collectibles come with the promise of long-term use. They’re also graced with replacement and warranty, which makes the name reliable. Browse the collection to find the different tools we have in store for you.

Our Collection of Jardin De France Gardening Tools

Here at TJC, we have collected a whole assortment of different helpful tools and utilities that will act as aide in your gardening expeditions. Made to equip you with maximum leverage with minimum efforts, the mechanism of these tools is fluid. Find below the different main kinds of helpful tools.


Made for trimming small branches, these shears are incredibly convenient. These Jardin De France gardening tools come with replaceable blades, in case of corrosion of the old ones. Made with a helpful and easy-to-use mechanism, the shears are ideal for people who suffer from wrist pains. Cutting to the width up to 20mm diameters, they quick to use for your every need.


When you’re snapping off thicker branches, measuring to the diameter of 30 mm, these loppers come in with extreme convenience. Designed ergonomically, they are extremely comfortable to hold. They also provide maximum leverage against the branches with minimal efforts. The shears also come Teflon-coated blades, promising long use.


Among the rest, these gardening tools by Jardin De France come off as most helpful. The shears are made for everyday use. They’re made from extra light carbon fibre, so as to provide you comfort for long use. The sharp Teflon-protected blades last a lifetime, and also come with the accessibility of replacement.

After-care of Jardin De France Gardening Tools

There are some quick and easy steps that you can take to make your gardening tools last longer. Simply follow the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Following to every single use, wipe the excess moisture and/or sap from the edges of blades. It will prevent them from rusting, or consecutively, corrosion.
  • Keep your gardening tools away from moisture in a pouch or bag. If they’re keep in damp places, there are chances of the blades rusting.
  • For smoother movement, keep oiling the tools.
  • In the case of corrosion of blades, you can easily replace them. The sustainable construct of the tools makes them last longer.