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More About Women’s Perfume

Whisked with various phenomenal essence and oils, perfumes are a gorgeous blend of various essentials packed very gingerly in a bottle for you. Derived from various corners of earth, each perfume for women flaunted above comprises of unique blends and ingredients, to offer you timeless and long-lasting Pheromone. Each perfume is explained as a musical metaphor, having three very important notes, which plays the major roles in its entire journey.

1. Top note/ Head note:- This is like the first layer of its fragrant journey. It is the very first essence of inhale as soon as it hits your nostrils, and hence, this note needs to be perfect since it decides the life of a fragrance and perfume.

2. Middle / Heart note:- When the first layer fades out, this is where the heart note kicks in and leaves a soothing fragrance. It is neither too strong like the first note nor too dull or evaporated, leaving behind a sensational essence on your body.

3. Base note:- As the name suggests, this note is the last layer of any ladies perfume, the very last gentle notes of its fragrance and soothing aroma.

TJC’s Collection of Women’s Perfume:

In our collection of Women’s Perfume in UK, we have some enchanting traces of aroma for your every mood and requirement. Be it sweet or floral to bold and strong, the perfumes showcased above have the ideal proportion of the ingredients that you need to add in your daily life. Have you ever come across an Eau de Parfum and Eau de toilette at the same time and wondered, “What’s the difference?”, well it is just the matter of their formation and the amount of concentration of oil in alcohol and water in into them. Below, we made it easy for you to understand so that you can decide whether to pick an Eau De Perfum or Eau de toilette:

1. Eau de Parfum:- This product is generally free to be used by men and women both! Yes, they usually have 15 to 2% of pure perfume essence, which lasts for about five to eight hours.

2. Eau de toilette:- This type is usually light comparative to others and have very delicate notes of essence. It comprises of 5 to 15 percent of pure perfume essence amalgamated in alcohol. Usually it lasts for about three hours, and hence, can be used on daily basis.

3. Body Mists:- Likened to the perfumes, the body mists and sprays usually contain less amount of fragrant oils, and hence, do not stay for long. They have phenomenal fragrance and can be used on body and cloths both. For the people looking out for light and refreshing essences, the body mists are the smart choice.

Why chose TJC?

Whether it’s jewellery or lifestyle, TJC is your one stop solution to cater all your shopping concerns. With our collection of Women’s Perfume online, you can sit back and shop at the comfort of your house and we will make sure to offer a pleasant experience every time you shop with us.