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There’s something wordlessly beautiful about the simple spells of Plain Metal Jewellery. Tinged with grandiose and moulded with expert craftsmanship, these bespoke pieces look marvellous paired with all kinds of styles, moods, and personalities. Here at TJC, we’ve collected a whole assortment of absolute masterpieces that you’re going to fall in love with. With a vast and spectacular range of rings, earrings, chains, pendants, and a lot more, there’s simply nothing amiss.

TJC’s Plain Metal Jewellery in UK has gained a lot of popularity and it has everything to do with the perfection that we offer. Our vast and spanning collection presents you beauties that are fit for all occasions and events. Be it a plain gold ring for everyday wear or an intricately detailed silver choker necklace for a special evening soiree, we have everything you might need, and some more. Below is the brief description of our more popular ranges.

Our Collection of Plain Metal Jewellery

Our expert designers and craftsmen have scoped the horizon with our brilliant range. From the simple and minimal goodness of band rings or stud earrings, we also the extravagant beauties of chandelier-inspired earrings in plain metal or elaborately designed designer necklaces. Our prized collection boasts of glimmering gold, shining silver, precious platinum, robust rhodium, and more such premium beauties. Come and explore the bestselling Plain Metal Jewellery designs:

Plain Metal Jewellery in Gold

Our Plain Gold Jewellery designs bring you a vast array of options to choose from. We have some breath-taking stunners lined up for you. Wear your grace and flair with our simple designs of rings and carry picturesque fashion or clasp on a beautifully designed necklace that brings attention to your poise. We offer you different hues of gold too, from the traditional brilliance of yellow gold, to the posh excellence of white gold and darling femininity of rose gold.

Plain Metal Jewellery in Silver

Eternally shining and casting spells of bewitched wonderment, our pieces of plain silver jewellery boast excellent detailing and intricate designing. These stunning pieces offer you intricate tracery patterns that you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t miss our Royal Bali Collection if you’re seeking heritage pieces with gorgeous artworks. And if you’re seeking a touch of premium, we also offer plating of gold, platinum, rhodium, and other elite metals over silver, too.

Plain Metal Jewellery in Platinum

Precious and made for keeps, our pieces of plain platinum jewellery are not to be missed out on. Smoothly perfected for keeping parallel with reigning fashion, these beauties offer grace and charm like no other metal. The thing about platinum is that it stays the same for years and years, making it an ideal choice for heirloom jewellery, too. Explore the countless designs we have assorted for you and make impressions for your class that last.

Why Choose TJC?

Our shop for online plain metal jewellery in UK presents stunners that you can’t miss out on. We present a beautifully vast assortment of beautifully designed pieces. However, that’s not it. There are plenty more reasons to shop with us, and they are:

High-Grade Quality

One of the biggest reasons for picking us has to do with our superior quality. We offer you grades in jewellery that are the best of their kinds. From different purities of gold (9K, 14K, 18K, and more) to 925 in sterling silver and 950 in platinum, there’s only the best and nothing less.

Low Prices

Another reason to choose us is our pricing. Even though we offer you a bespoke high grade, we understand your budget perfectly and love working within it. That’s just why our pieces of affordable plain metal jewellery online will offer you the best quality without breaking the bank.