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We have skipping jump ropes, a walking stick, a massager for your leg and back, dumbbells, an acupressure belt and an aerobic exercise step platform. All these are great ways to boost your fitness without breaking the bank.

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This new year calls for new health and fitness goals, and we at the TJC have a wide range of products to help you with your new year resolution fitness goals. So when it comes to strengthening and toning, the bands are a great choice. We have a posture corrector with an adjustable strap, double-wheel multifunctional fitness equipment and resistance strengthening bands to help you improve your posture and spine.

Weights are an excellent way to go if you want to get stronger and tone your physique need. Need not worry; we have covered you with an array of great options for a fully equipped home gym. We have the walking exercise equipment with portable foam handles, a slip-resistant walking machine, a set of neoprene dumbells, paingone follow expert leg massager, a foldable trampoline, a mini bike pedal exerciser, a stepper board and the whole body vibrator and more.

Technology, the word or the tech products are what today’s generation likes more, and it has the power to make everything a little bit easier. So we have a collection of some of the latest fitness equipment and tech products like Bluetooth smartwatches, headphones, mini fans, headbands, Bluetooth music devices and full body fat freezing systems. You can look for the latest innovations and designs to suit any budget. If you're looking for the perfect companion during your workouts, you can't beat one of our stylish smartwatches to help you stay connected and on track - not to mention on time too! Shop and explore the best deals and offers on fitness equipment and tech products found online at the TJC.

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