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More About Self Tanning

Whether you want a slow but sure tan or instant and quick aid, the self tanner products are your one stop solution. With the phenomenal products offered above, no need to go to the beach or spend endless time under the harsh sun, when you can get the tan looks at the comfort of your home with no time. Non sticky and very comfortable to wear, each product is offered with a right formula that can click with your needs instantly. With the lack of Sun, our range of self tanning in UK can do the deed for you effortlessly in very season and weather.

TJC’s Collection of Self Tanning Range:

With the wide range of fake tans in the market, it gets really tough to pick one rightful product to work wonders on your skin without making it looks unnatural and sham. Offering the balanced proportions and wisely picked products, we at TJC have some very good self tanning products online for you to choose from. Below are mentioned few of the best-selling pieces and their use in your daily life:

Mousse formula Leaving no streaks and traces behind, the mousse formula tan is smooth and glides very gently over the skin. It can give the fastest tanning in the quickest time possible. Its creamy formula is enriched with various vitamins and essentials that gives nourishment to your skin. It bronzes the tone of your skin evenly and with the light-weight formula it feels natural and comfortable.

Drop Solution Light in weight and consistency, this type of tanning lotion is available in drops solution. It spreads out evenly and is easy to carry around. Just the few drops of this product can give you the desirable bronzer affects at any part of your body. It is liquid in form, and hence, does not dry off your skin but provide the moisturizing and hydrating affect with the long-lasting natural tan look.

Tan Remover/Eraser With the wide array of products at our portal, the tan eraser is one of the affective formulae, bought frequently with a tanner. It helps in getting rid of the faded tan off your body, leaving behind your natural skin with no other products on it. It is easy to use and an effective way to deal with the stubborn nooks and residues.

Why choose TJC?

With infinite fake tans and self-tan products available in the market, the decision making can be a bit tough for you, however we at TJC test each of these products first-hand in order to bring only the best of beauty range for you. To offer quality at the best price is our motive and we therefore strive the best toward achieving it and wining hearts of all our consumers.