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Wish for more! Discover the world of jewellery at one place; presenting a dazzling assortment of designers and exclusive collections. Each inscribed with a beautifully unique story to tell, these brands will navigate you through the path of simplicity best delivered with awe!


Wear the absolute wonders of nature showcased beautifully in Lucy Q's jewellery collection. Inspired from the enigmatic nature of fluids, her stunning collection offers the movement of drops, splashes, and waves. Crafted with excellence, each piece flaunts a different tone. The smooth pieces take you through a beautiful journey, start it now and here.


Giuseppe Perez

A visionary of colours and a master of creations. Giuseppe has a special place in our hearts. We keep his legacy alive with the stunning GP jewellery collection. Rich with elements of fun and bold sparkles, it's a true representation of him in every way! The finely crafted selection offers spectacular pieces nestling close astonishing details, drenched in the rainbow of stunning hues with often seen enamelling too.


Rachel Galley

Inspired from the gorgeous intricacies of latticework, Rachel Galley's collection offers you artwork in form of jewellery. The on-trend jewellery pieces have been moulded with care and excellent craftsmanship. Utterly ravishing gold tones or rhodium layered over sterling silver offer each piece a tint of unspoken elegance. Explore divinity in its truest form.



Drape on the melodies of excellence moulded in forever kinds of designs. Prepared to be bewitched with our gorgeous Rhapsody Collection of picture-perfect jewellery pieces. Crafted for perfection, the stunners in this array are made in 950 grade platinum and embellished with superior AAAA grade of gemstones.



A harmony of class and delicate treasures blending beautifully with statement designs. TJC's exclusive Iliana Collection of jewellery brings you luscious designs made in the forever shine of 18K gold. Studded like artwork are AAA coloured gemstones. Fine diamonds used in our designs offer SI clarity and G-H colour.


Santa Fe

A collection of bold and beautiful jewellery inspired from Southwestern American tribe culture. Studded with semi-precious gemstones and crafted in sterling silver. If you're looking for bright colours, ethnic patterns, and bohemian chic jewellery, then this is it! Explore the range that's made for fun lover in you; shop now!



Handcrafted with a touch of luxury in sterling silver, the remarkable jewellery pieces in this collection are unique in all ways and forms. Inspired from Balinese fine-crafted details, these will win your hearts at the first glance, so shop now!


Lustro Stella

Translating to "shining star" in Italian, the collection is everything that! For events where you need a bold statement is where Lustro Stella jewellery collection delivers perfectly. Combining dazzle with hints of hues, the featured range is light and easy on the pockets and a starrer to the style. Breath-taking assortment of cubic zirconia surely makes a spot in the leading trends.



Every facet promises a starry sparkle! Collecting all things tantalising, our Elanza Collection of jewellery brings you super affordable pieces made in the forever sparkle of silver. Get hypnotised with the starry dazzle of cubic zirconia, nestled beautifully in the trending designs. With delicate curves and sharp sparkles ruling the designs, there's a lot here to fall in love with. Experience the thrill of excellence in these pretty perfect pieces.


Royal Bali

Bring the touch of class and awe to your personal style with the Royal Bali Collection. Flaunting handcrafted luxuries, this range has something divine to offer. Discover the best works of talented artisans and their skills in best use, to bring you jewellery designs that will make statements!


Sunday's Child

A beautiful collaboration of the children's rhyme and effortlessly classic designs, TJC's Sunday's Child Collection brings you simple masterpieces. Add to your style something that's fun and casual, and at the same offers you an elegant look. Discover a fine range offering all things unique and statement-making, just peek in!



A visionary's achievement, Galatea is all about bringing you modern jewellery with contemporary designs. Explore and indulge into the collections of this brand and find your new favourite kind of jewellery; shop now!


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