Handcrafted and hand carved innovations, in pearl!

In the Spotlight

Carved Pearl Collection

Hand carved with details and perfection. Finesse is seen at its peak with one of kind designs!

DavinChi Cut Collection

A new cut that absorbs colours, lights, and images; views different colours from different angles!

Captain Collection

Celebrating the most important attributes of a man: Loyalty, Beauty, Wisdom, Honour, Family, Hope, Strength and Love

Momento Collection

Carry the best moments, words, and pictures with you in pearls that store NFC chip; read by Galatea app on your phone

Pearl Flower Collection

Discover a unique sight, where every pearl has been carved into the form of a flower. Celebrate nature with hand-carved perfection!

Queen Bead Collection

For the fearless and courageous, the pearl jewellery in this collection feature sharp facets carved on a pearl.

Pearlantical Garden Collection

Inspired from the power of nature and borrowed from the sights of a garden, these unique designs bring you one with nature

Mother's love Collection

A tribute to mothers and a symbol of strong love, this collection brings you a moving story in each peace.

New Arrivals