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More About Galatea Pearl

The Arduous Journey of Galatea Pearls

Every woman who buys pearl jewellery is extra conscious while handling it. She doesn’t want her precious pearls to develop any patches or break the nacres by mistreating them. What if we told you breaking the surface of these immaculate jewels can transform them into magnificent pieces you never had seen before? In 2005, Chi Huynh brought something to the world with an unprecedented beauty making our previous statement true. His innovative process created pearls with vibrant core and intricate carving on the surface.

For the first time in the history of pearls, a new variety came into existence that was embedded with a gemstone. Like a sculpturer who brings his creation to life by chiselling a stone into something extraordinary, Chi wanted to craft pearls that gave artisans the chance to express themselves. As a pearl visionary Chi developed his own patented process of culturing pearls which gave birth to the revolutionary Galatea pearls.

How Galatea Pearls Differ from other pearls sold in UK?

Like any cultured pearl, Galatea’s story too starts with an oyster. When the dust particles or a grain of soil seeps into the mollusc, it experiences extreme discomfort. They pour secretion over irritant forming a layer of nacres around it which finally turns into a pearl. However, in case of Galatea, a gemstone is carefully inserted inside the oyster by a pearl farmer. It can be an R.C. turquoise, synthetic red coral, amethyst or citrine. Over a period of 18 months, a glowing pearl is formed embedded with the jewel.

After the harvesting, these pearls are handpicked by a skilled team who then access each pearl to decide how it will be designed. Tiny motifs are carved on the glistering adornment. At last, the artisans add a finishing touch to the pearl by sculpturing it to resemble the different silhouettes omnipresent in nature.

According to the creator, his design’s main inspirations are nature and tender feeling of love.

When oysters make a pearl, it is not a joyride for them. They are simply trying to knock out the invader hurting their tissues. Technically the irritation caused by a grain, snail or other smaller sea animal leads to the formation of a pearl. This uneasiness is felt even by two people who have fallen in life. Despite that, they continue to exist together resulting in a beautiful life that might not be possible if they didn’t survive the hard times. The end result of the gemstone’s journey an awe-inspiring pearl. Therefore, a galatea creation is a true epitome of love.

Why should you buy Galatea Pearl Jewellery online?

Each pearl from Galatea is distinctive because it is handcrafted to form a different design. We at TJC are on a constant lookout for exquisite pieces of jewellery that you fall in love with. This year we have collaborated with Galatea Jewellery by Artist to bring you a large assortment of their beguiling pearl jewellery available in hues and designs you wouldn’t see anywhere else. We understand the intricacy involved in the art of jewellery making. With an eagle eye, our experts have chosen silhouettes that will take your breath away! Check out our Galatea UK collection online now and dive into the dreamy world created by Chi Huynh’s team.