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TJC’s Online Only Jewellery Collection:

We seek inspirations from everywhere, from showstopper and events to the everyday elements, the motivation and design is everywhere around us. Exploring the balance of both, we have some of the most beautiful categories for you, experience the exquisite with TJC:

Birthstone Jewellery: Beautiful, thoughtful, and unique, the birthstone jewellery collection is lately in trends. Each birthstone carries a rich history and interesting folklore, dedicated to all twelve months. With each stone having a different meaning and qualities, the birthstone jewellery can serve as a great gift or personalised product to cherish for a lifetime.

Marinus Collection: To get the beauty straight out from the waters and deep waves, our Marinus collection is crafted with utmost brilliance. Here, the inspiration is taken from the marine life and all the beautiful elements you can find in the secrets of the ocean and sea. The collection can be a breath of fresh air, offering the reflection of water in your jewellery closet

Constellation Jewellery: Own the eternal grace with this constellation jewellery collection. The beauty of uniformity and neat design rules the range, made with love and exquisite clean finish. In this collection, you can witness the aligned beauty of gems, set at the uniformed distance. Be it metal or gemstones, the jewellery pieces here represent the ode of perfection and symmetry.

Birth Flower Jewellery: Alike the birthstones connected to every month, the birth flower jewellery also serves the same purpose. All twelve months have a beautiful flower dedicated to it. The flowers include a gorgeous and blooming rose, daffodil, daisy, water lily and many more in the tow. Our range of online only jewellery collections in UK is crafted to offer you a personalised product that can be meaningful and stylish at the same time.

Initial Jewellery: If you are looking for a customised gift or jewellery for yourself, then the Initial jewellery collection can be your ideal place to visit. Seeking this timeless inspiration from the Victorian Era, the first letter of a name is used to carve in the form of a jewellery. For centuries, the alphabet jewellery has been used to denote the ownership and regal values for the royals as well as every other individual. Whether it is the name of your parent, partner or someone close to you, the initial jewellery can also help you in carrying memories.

TJC’s stunning array of web exclusive jewellery collections online has made its mark in the beautiful world of sparkles. Enjoy stunning sights and gorgeous keepsakes, all made perfectly to suit your style.