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More About Designer Jewellery

Designer jewellery is designed by a person or a brand and is much popular compared to commercial jewellery. Each design is distinctive and is backed by a signature style. Designer jewellery derives inspiration from a source incorporated into every piece created under its name. TJC is one such place where we offer you authentic and rare designs, perfected by famous designers and crafted with the excellence of skilled artisans. From bracelets to pendants to necklaces, rings and earrings, all designs are offered with a signature style that feels close to your heart and soothing to your eyes. Feel the bespoke brilliance of coveted metals backed by lustrous gemstones and the uniqueness of designers in them as you don any piece from our magnificent designer collection online. The mesmerising collection of designer jewellery at TJC is what has made it one of the most trusted sellers of designer jewellery in UK. Here's the list of designer jewellery at TJC.

Rachel Galley: Jewellery designed by Rachel herself, offering contemporary jewellery that is ideal for every day. Designed in the sheen of glowing metal framework, each piece of jewellery radiates excellence. The designs are timeless and interactive, with the signature style of latticework being the pattern. Explore the stylish collection and a piece that appeals to you. What makes her jewellery so mesmerising is that it is inspired by nature, ancient architecture, historic bronze treasures, carved wood, daily life objects and more.

Giuseppe Perez: Full of vividness with their colourful designs, the GP Collection is designed by one of the most loved designers at TJC, Giuseppe Perez and continued by his daughter Gaia Perez. Showcasing a captivating play of colours, each design is a rare piece of art. Inspired by eclecticism, each design is enticed by gemstones. As a signature style, each design has a blue sapphire studded in the under gallery, making every piece a prized accessory.

LucyQ: An English designer, LucyQ designs are inspired by everything around, from buttons to weather. Art pieces are designed as splashes, motifs and art deco; the designs are contemporary and compelling. With timeless designs carved in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, LucyQ jewellery is worth owning, with the drip collection being the most sought after.

Each piece is so unique; designer jewellery is not only a great option to don when you want all eyes on you or even pass them on as a legacy. With a contemporary charm, each piece is also symbolic and meaningful, representing its source of inspiration. Thus, bringing to you jewellery designs that are meaningful and make them even more special.