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More About Face Serum & Oils

Are you constantly looking for new ways to wake up the long-gone glow and radiance of your skin? Or are the deepening wrinkles bothering you? Or do you simply need something to pamper your face? Our range of oil and serums is here to help you out in your quest to get healthy, glowing skin.

Give Your Face a Rejuvenating Bath with TJC's Range of Oil and Serums Online

As you age, there is a significant decrease in the production of collagen in your skin. The result is a decreased rate of renewal which later on leads to the signs of ageing. On a cell level, ageing is a natural process, and it is bound to happen. However, you can definitely decrease the rate at which it occurs by providing your skin with a blast of nutrients it needs from time to time. This keeps up your face's radiance and makes it less vulnerable to common skin problems you face daily with increased pollution and stress level. Our facial serums and oils for UK are designed to help you in your quest to create a skincare routine that fights with the destructive agents and maintain your skin's youth, texture and radiance.

Why should you buy facial serums?

Before we explain the importance of facial serum in your beauty regime, you must understand what they are. A facial serum contains beneficial actives in a concentrated form that quickly dissolve and seep into your skin due to their smaller molecular structure. These have a lipid-soluble base that doesn't stay over your skin, unlike moisturising creams.

How to use a facial serum?

Since the facial serum is light and gets absorbed over your face in a wink of an eye, they form a great base layer for your moisturiser. Always apply a facial serum after you have washed your face. As they contain a concentrated amount of active ingredients, a few drops are sufficient for your entire face. For people who have oily skin, water-based serums are ideal, whereas dry skin type functions best with an oil-based one.

Surprising Benefits of Facial Oils

With the word oil printed on a product, people often mistake it to be sticky and increasing the concertation of oil over the face. The truth is the content of facial oil balances the sebum production responsible for the natural oil released by your skin pores. Facial oil is mostly made from oil derived from plants. Our skin naturally produces oil that safeguards our skin from dryness and also acts as a barrier against bacteria. Ageing can influence the level of natural oil produced by your skin. Facial oils not only offer deep moisturisation to your skin but also replenishes the essential minerals and vitamins it needs to look radiant and glowing. Besides that, it has other benefits, such as repeated usage makes your face plump by aiding in skin firming and toning.

The application of facial oil makes your skin resilient. Dryness can make your skin flaky and vulnerable to irritants. Here is a beauty nugget for you: Spread a tiny amount over your face before you apply your make-up. Why? It will act as a protective layer, not allowing make-up cosmetics to clog your pores and secondly offers a glossy finish to your face. If you are using a powdered compact or a cakey one, adding one drop of oil can give your make-up the perfect finishing touch.

Has your skin become dry over a period of time? Face oil for glowing skin in our range will become your beauty assistant. If wrinkles and fine lines on your face are bothering you, check our face oil for ageing skin. That's not all. Explore our collection now and get yourself a product that suits your needs well.