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More About Pearl Jewellery

The Pearl is a very unique stone and the only gemstone to be made by a living animal making each stone unique as no two are the same.

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But did you know all this glamour and elegance starts off as a tiny, unwanted grain of sand? As hard to believe as it is -we promise it’s true!

Symbolising purity, innocence, humility and sweetness, Pearls are a stunning gem, yet are not internationally hallmark rated. However, perfectly round pearls are rare to find, origin, size, colour and glow can all contribute to their value.

This highly revered stone is thought to have been worn by people in Middle Eastern and Asian cultures as early as 3500 BC and considered to be a symbol of beauty and high status, and even thought to have magical powers!

For centuries, pearls have been considered a symbol of beauty and status. In ancient times they were highly revered, and thought to have magical powers.

Yet, the popularity of pearls reached its peak during Roman times, when women of the privileged class where richly adorned with them.

This gemstone derives its distinctive colours from the inner elements of its shells. The colour of pearls range from white, ivory, pink, black, purple and even gold!

Nearly all pearls today are ‘cultivated’ or ‘cultured’ as harvesting natural pearls have been compromised by water pollution and natural disasters such as Tsunami’s making it difficult for Oysters to grow sizeable gems.

Pearls are a very resilient gemstone and are meant to be worn, however, because they are organic stones made naturally from a live animal, they are vulnerable to acids, alkaline and extreme humidity, which means they require proper care.

When wearing your pearl jewellery avoid them coming into contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume and direct sunlight as they can easily lose their luster under these conditions - which is why it’s so important to put them on last and take them off first!

At TJC, you can find a wide range of Pearl jewellery, ready for you to wear and style straight away. Thought as a gem you might find in your grandmother’s jewellery collection, our designs blend the traditional status of pearls with a contemporary twist, ensuring there are styles every type of woman will fall in love with.

Indulge in traditional statement Pearl Necklace and Pearl bracelets, as well as more stylish Pearl rings and Pearl Earrings to stunning Designer pearl jewellery pieces, you’ll instantly adore.

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