More About South Sea Pearl Jewellery

South sea pearls have lured many pearl connoisseurs for its exorbitant amount of lustre and rich hues from golden, white and black south sea pearls.

Golden south sea pearls are much revered with its opulence and produced by the golden lip oyster. Their warm and natural golden colour is said to be even rarer than the gold itself. White south sea pearls, on the other hand, are equally rare and envelops an insurmountable radiance with its white satiny brilliance.

If you fancy everything pearl, then south sea pearl is your all-time grab. With its subdued opalescent appearance that slightly changes under different light conditions, south sea pearls are a true marvel to behold your sight.

TJC takes immense pride in unveiling a rich swathe of these pearls to stun the world with a splendid beauty that only pearl has:

South Sea Pearl Rings

A ring is a quintessential bauble in every woman’s collection. Be it a cocktail ring or something boasting an array of gems, but the stunner that a pearl ring is, nothing can come even close to that. Being the queen of gems, pearl allures everyone and calls for a majestic appearance.

South Sea Pearl Earrings

Glisten up as you go donning a pretty set of pearl earrings and collect bountiful of appreciative glances. When it comes to presenting something extraordinary yet delectable, TJC always set the standards high and its wide galore of breath-taking pearl earrings certainly proves that. From round, oval to teardrop, the shape of these pearls adds up to its invincible gorgeousness.

South Sea Pearl Pendants

Who wouldn’t love a pendant that accentuates the necklines with an out-worldly charm? Well, a south sea pearl pendant does it on point. A marvellous south sea pearl pendant is a statement maker and complements with the slender drips and curves of your neck to make the overall look turn out nothing short of an unmissed sight.

South Sea Pearl Necklace

If you want to be a cynosure of all eyes, then garner up your collection with a must-have south sea pearl necklace. A pearl necklace is for keeps and when your neck shares the luminous lustre of a south sea pearl, it becomes a sight one can't get their eyes off.

So, land up to this paradise of fine pearl jewellery and enrich your collection with something that will forever be cherished.

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