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Known through the entire world for their immaculate colour and spectacular clarity, emeralds have been spotted as the favourite stones when it comes to the designs for emerald engagement rings. Displaying their deep and enriched hue, these precious gems have been awing everyone with their colours since times immemorial. In fact, they were the most favoured stones of Queen Cleopatra, from Egypt known for her regal beauty and tastes. Being the birthstone of the month of May, you can double up the meaning of the engagement ring if she’s born in the month.

We realize the importance of a perfect engagement ring. It is probably the most important jewellery you’ll buy in your life and deserves all the thought there is. Seeing the latest trends, it is not pertinent that you only purchase a diamond –encrusted ring. Other popular stones are tanzanite and ruby, too. Nevertheless, our incredible collection of emerald engagement rings promises you emeralds embellished in the dazzling company of diamonds. So, you can get the best of both the stones and present the most magnanimous show of your eternal love.

Another trend that we’ve noticed is the eternity rings collection. A truly novel choice for engagement rings, eternity rings denote the promise of unending love and adoration. With the assortment of an unending sparkling circle, the design is all for the promise of the love that never stops, never dies. Made from the use of precious metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, et cetera, our emerald engagement rings are the new meaningful trend that many have been following. You can also use these eternity bands as stacking rings in the company of your wedding ring.

Here at TJC, we make a promise of bringing you the finest of collection. With our designs ranging from the simplistic and refined beauty of solitaire rings to the extravagant showman flair of elaborate and intricate designs, we’ll bring you perfection redefined. Either a single emerald use or in the company of other equally vivacious stones such as zircons or diamonds, these emerald engagement rings will leave her speechless and will fit perfectly with your idea of a grand proposal.

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