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More About Emerald Wedding Rings

A royal colour borrowed from the lushness of Earth element, emeralds glow in hypnotizing green shades. Obscurely found, they have been treasured by countless. Their hues and shine have set them apart from all the other gemstones, making them unique and alluring. The stones have stood out, not only because of their rare availability but also because of their glorious colour-clarity combination. Ideal for all styles, occasions, and preferences, no one could have ever denied an emerald. And following to that, we present an excellent class of emerald wedding rings collection, which presents luxury as it is.

Wedding is a sacred and holy meeting of two souls. Binding two loving hearts with the vows of forever, it’s only obvious that you need jewellery to represent the same. This is where our emerald wedding rings come in. We bring you the delight and joy, displayed with glory in our magnetic styles. Unravel a treasure trove of the best designs that come ideal for the big day. Explore an endless range of bestselling emerald wedding ring designs in UK.

Why Choose Emerald Wedding Rings?

The trend of slipping on wedding rings embellished with emeralds has been on the rise. And it is all because of the meaning and promise of the stone. Most of you may already know that an emerald is considered as one of the premium gemstones. It maintains a rich and popular demand for being a gorgeous and intensely hued stone, gifted with captivating clarity. It is also the stone most often seen worn by Queen Cleopatra. And not just her, you’ll see many other royal figures clasping on its precious shine.

The other meaning has to do with the astrological meaning and importance of the stone. It is believed and mentioned that emerald borrows the colours of the Earth element. And the element stands of rebirth and eternity. Seeing that marriage is a promise for eternity, slipping on real emerald wedding rings only makes sense. The other meaning of the stone connects it to the heart chakra, according to experts. It is believed that wearing emerald allows the flow of love more freely and uninhibited. Maybe that’s why emerald wedding rings in gold are in rich demand.

Why Choose TJC?

Marriage holds all holy promises and you only need someplace reliable to shop from. TJC is your best place for that. We bring you unique and inimitable emerald wedding ring designs online in UK that will steal your breath and mark the date in gold. Not only we bring you unique designs and lays, but also promise you the best quality there is. Our selection brings only genuine emerald wedding rings to make your day even more special. Make the promise of forever and slip on the meaningful designs, exclusively and only found at TJC.

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