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Jade gemstone has always been empowered by its rich history. Being among the toughest of gems, this stone has been used in weapons, tools, ornaments and ritual objects. Taking the mythical references, jade is like virtue and its brightness exhibits heaven.

Coming to its hues, the finest jadeite being the one that is almost transparent with a vibrant green colour. The transparency of this gemstone changes from being completely opaque to being semi- transparent. This stone comes in various colours and is generally smooth in texture.

This gorgeous gemstone uniquely occurring in almost all the colours have been vividly used to curate some marvel of jewels at TJC. See for yourself to know:

Jade Necklaces

Behold the sight by embracing multicoloured jade necklace or single coloured necklaces with rhodium plated sterling silver. The colours altogether complement each other and fine texture of this gemstone that comes out making it one fabulous necklace to just fall in love with.

Jade Rings

Feel the love as you wear a dazzling jade ring from TJC’s intricate jade jewellery collection. The glorious jade gemstone in the most prolific colour sits atop and empowers the ring set in gold, silver or platinum with the right vintage powers.

Jade Bracelets

A bracelet is a beautiful piece to surprise your love with. Just imagine an enticing piece of pastel pink jade stone bracelet with rose gold overlay on your lover’s wrist. Dreams, right? This is the power of jade bracelets that induce brilliant shades of hues and precious metals to define colours in the most distinctive way.

Jade Earrings

Next up are jade earrings that have played the muse for many jewel aficionados. Jade is a gemstone that uniquely adds bling and subtle notes of hues to anything, be it the stud earrings, drop earrings or a concoction of some other style and design. TJC have garnered immaculate pieces in jade earrings for the maximum slay.

So, get up folks, add a bling to your jewellery closet with an alluring assemblage of jade jewellery from TJC.

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