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Jade is a stone vastly and widely known for its glistening excellence. Appreciated by collectors and connoisseurs of sublime gemstones, jade holds promise in regards of colour and lustre. The best thing about jade is the whole spectrum of colours that it is available in. With the colours ranging from black (the absence of any colours) to white (the presence of all colours,) jade looks just as spectacular in any of hue that comes in between. And that’s the property that makes it a much sought-after stone.

There are certain other appreciable features about its make as well. For one, it is only found in the shape of cabochons, owing to its weak structure. That said, the brilliance of its immaculate lustre is often found praised. It isn’t needed to be said, but that rich gleam looks spellbinding affixed at the hollow of the neck.

Here, at TJC, we sell a multitude of designs of jade pendants that suit right to several occasions. Matching up with any of your attires and looks, our styles of jade are known and appreciated to be widely versatile. From simple solitaire drops to more intricate and detailed designs, our jade jewellery is pristine and luring. We also specialize in carved jade, which has utmost importance in certain provinces of China, where the symbols engraved are said to bring luck. You’ll be happy to find a kind of jade pendant that suits for every kind of requirement.

However, the true appeal of our pendants is the spectrum of colours. Our designers work tirelessly to come up with the most unique and entrancing designs of jade, which bring out its colours in all the glory. We make the best of the cabochons and encrust them into the best kind of styles. Our lines boast of several themes, like elegance, party, animal-inspired, floral, et cetera.

If you’re overwhelmed with the choices that we have to offer, then you can employ the filters we have provided on the left side of the page. Upon the application of the said filters, you can narrow down your options to the ones you want to see, be it on the basis of price, metal type, colour, et cetera. We have also provided certain refinements on top of the page, which allow you to browse through the selection in a way you want. It could be on the basis of price points, relevance, bestsellers, or even recommendations.

We’re also very proud of our delivery services. Our shipping boasts to be quick, easy, convenient, and reliable. You’ll get your order in the best condition, right at your doorstep, in the minimum time. And if you’re not impressed with the quality, we also offer return.

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