Anniversary Chart

Every year of married life consists of presenting precious stones or ornaments between husband & wife. Usually the wedding anniversary is celebrated by exchanging beautiful and precious jewellery items to make it memorable. Some specific anniversary years like 25th Silver, 50th Golden and 60th Diamond Jubilee wedding anniversary years are having their own importance. 

People on these wedding anniversaries usually follow the naming conventions by offering jewellery items to each other like Silver on 25th wedding anniversary, gold on 50th wedding anniversary, diamond on 60th wedding anniversary and platinum of 75th wedding anniversary events.

1st Gold Jewellery 18th Chrysoberyl
2nd Garnet 19th Aquamarine
3rd Pearls 20th Emerald
4th Blue Topaz 21st Iolite
5th Sapphire 22nd Spinel
6th Amethyst 23rd Imperial Topaz
7th Onyx 24th Tanzanite
8th Tourmaline 25th Silver Jubilee
9th Lapis Lazuli 30th Pearl Jubilee
10th Diamond Jewellery 35th Emerald
11th Turquoise 40th Ruby
12th Jade 45th Sapphire
13th Citrine 50th Golden Jubilee
14th Opal 55th Alexandrite
15th Ruby 60th Diamond Jubilee
16th Peridot 70th Sapphire Jubilee
17th Watches 80th Ruby Jubilee