More About Alexandrite Jewellery

Capturing the beauty of crashing waves and colours of open sky, alexandrite jewellery designs are made to bewitch the audience. Peek through a celebrated range of designs and excellent pieces, all for you. We’re hosting a stunning designer inspired selection, don’t miss it for the world. Read on to know more about it.

Brimming with light fluorescent blues, this is a stone that’s all natural. Its rare and prized colour changing feature makes it all the more irresistible. We’re sure that you’d be left nothing short of spellbound with its breath-taking depth and crystal presence. In fact, most of our alexandrite jewellery in UK is featured with transitional colours of gem, moving from blue to light lavender. It’s truly a treasure that you just cannot miss. Peek in to know more about our collection.

TJC’s Alexandrite Jewellery Collection

Our stunning pieces in the collection bring you utter luxury for all occasions and events. From the simplicity of every day to the lushness for a grand occasion, we’ve got you covered for every milestone. Explore a ravishing selection on exclusive pieces and be the showstopper that you are:

Alexandrite Rings

Bringing the sparkle of stars and the magic of colours to your hand, wear it with pride. Our stunning rings offer you a peek of true treasures. Moulded in the excellence of yellow gold tone or draped in the charm of silver and platinum tones, these pieces are fit for every day and specials days! Find several pieces made for you.

Alexandrite Earrings

Picture perfect pieces made to make every day extra special. Find glorious jewellery pieces, ranging from delicate studs to stunning drop and dangle styles. Our alexandrite jewellery in silver offers a shine that never seems to fade away. Utterly cherishing pieces that can certainly make you a showstopper that you deserve to be.

Alexandrite Pendants

Delicate yet with transformational beauty, the pendants in our array are sure to steal your breath away. Packed with charm and studded with delight, these pieces invite all eyes and appreciation towards themselves. Make sure to pick a pretty something to go with your style. Our colour changing alexandrite jewellery is waiting just for you.

Why Choose TJC?

With TJC, everything is lots better! Wish to shop for something exclusive? Pick us! We bring you a wide and spanning selection of truly the best designs. Our alexandrite jewellery collection online has a lot to offer, with stunning looks to rare and exclusive designs. Bag them all and get value deals on your order.

Relish the luxury of our range, from earrings to pendants and even bracelets! With lots to offer and lots to see, this collection is all about love for jewellery. Get shopping quick and grab the best time deals before you miss them. Happy shopping to you!