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More About Jewellery Boxes

Ancient Egyptians can be credited for starting the most loved and foresighted trends throughout the history. One such trend is Jewellery boxes; also known as ‘jewellery caskets’ back then, they were used for the safekeeping of precious metals and gemstones. Ownership of expensive jewellery boxes with gold and silver edges or ivory inlays remained only with the privileged royalty and high society up until the Victorian Era. It was only after the Industrial Revolution that jewellery boxes were mass produced and became affordable to the middle-class families. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from miniature treasure chests to trinket boxes to ring holders and so on.

Why choose TJC?

At TJC, we not only bring for the style-conscious women of UK an impressive array of jewellery but also equally fine jewellery boxes online for safeguarding their prized collection. For the women who love to organise things in their exact place or collect everything delicate and beautiful or carry jewellery while travelling, we offer a plethora of options to choose from which will fit in a variety of jewellery items. Our premium-quality jewellery boxes designs offered at the most compelling prices will keep your jewellery protected and will make sure that its look and sheen is maintained for years.

Jewellery Boxes – An Ideal Gift

To cater to the distinct style of women in the UK, we have handpicked all our products that include beaded, handmade papier-mâché, cut-out soapstone, jewellery cabinets with drawers, and wooden jewellery boxes with brass inlay. These pieces are as decorative as utilitarian, pick them up to add to your home décor or choose them as a chic and practical gift for valentines or friendship or mother’s day, we have plenty of designs for you to make a selection.

Variety of Jewellery Boxes

For your rings and stud earrings, we have Austrian crystal trinket boxes in animal shapes that will not only safeguard those little treasures but also add to the beauty of your dresser or the bedside table. TJC has an extensive array of croc-embossed layered jewellery cases that can store all your favourite rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and chains in an orderly fashion. For the women who travel a lot and find it a tedious job to carry jewellery, an easy to carry lidded case finished with velvet lining and mirror inside from our rich collection, is sure to be your new must-have travel accessory.

Sitting atop your dressing table, these elegant and unique pieces will also act as a statement of your style. No matter what your preference is – classic, sassy, contemporary or vintage, we have an appealing piece for everyone’s treasure. As a woman you might own an antique piece passed down to you, make sure the one you leave behind is as classy as the one you received, maybe even more. Not forgetting the modern men, we have added smart and stylish watch and cufflink cases to our collection; maybe you can gift him one to increase the longevity of these beloved items of his.

TJC’s jewellery boxes make sure you have a secure place for your jewellery, so keep calm and buy more!