We are all set to enter the beautiful, much-awaited snow and chilly winter season. Your bedroom décor calls for warmth and comfort with this set of comforters found at the TJC. READ MORE


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Winter season calls for perfect room décor, and the soft flannel sheer and sherpa comforter sets are an extra luxury to add. You can use them as an additional coverlet for more warmth.

As the heat temperature goes down, drape yourself on this winter comforter of the season. So, pick a unique colour and art prints and give a makeover to your bedroom this winter holiday season with the set of comforters found only at the TJC.

Comforters For Bed – Keep it Warm and Cosy

When it is freezing and icy outside, stay home, enjoy your favourite movie or show, and spend quality time with your family under this beautiful, warm, cosy comforter. After a long toiling day at work, you feel like relaxing on your bed with a fire burning from the mantelpiece under the right winter bedding.

So, choosing the proper winter collection is all you need; here at the TJC, we have made it easier with selected lines of products to offer you at the best prices. Flannel and sherpa comforters are the best regarding quality and comfort. These provide extra warmth on windy days, and the polyester flannel fabric is available to offer you warmth and cosiness.

Sherpa comforters are soft and made from polyester fabric which resembles sheep skin. They are the best choice when it comes to home furnishing. These have a soft texture, smooth touch, and delicate feel and are easy to maintain.

Explore Comforters in Candy Pop Colour and Prints

Choosing the right comforter is so quite easy. With so many designs, textures and prints to choose from, you can see how each one of them will give your bedroom a different look. Fabric and material details like velvet or cotton will give your space a modern and royal touch.

Gearing up for the coldest season of the year, don’t miss out on elevating your décor aesthetic. The TJC comforter collection has a mix and match of subtle colours and bright, colourful prints to give your space the desired touch and look.

Pick a solid colour comforter with your bedroom’s floral print décor, or choose a trendy print and design with a subtle colour shade for your room. Colour can transform your entire space instantly, so pick the one that suits your taste and personality.

Do you know what the best part about the TJC comforters is that they transform your entire bedroom into a new space. A simple comforter set can refresh your room into something new and unique.

We replenish our collection with new designs, prints and colours debuting all the time. All you need to do is mix and match new pieces to keep your bedroom feeling personal, unique and modern.

Designing a new bedroom look that desires warmth and comfort, starting with a new comforter by the TJC collection, is the way to do it.

Happy and Cosy Shopping!