More About Spinel Jewellery

The sheer brazen look of spinel gemstone has accumulated bountiful of love from across the globe. For years this gemstone was false recognised and has always been taken as an alternative to ruby. Spinel gemstone is found in many colours from deep ruby red hue to pink, blue and of course black. Also known to be “Black Prince’s Ruby” black spinel jewellery is transitioned and garnered with immaculate craftsmanship to curate some of the most enticing jewellery.

TJC let you exude immense bling to your personality by diligently offering fine jewellery creations. From stunning to standout, chic to flattering, classy to regal, spinel jewellery describes gorgeousness.

An opaque jet black variety of spinel when effortlessly mounts on a solitaire ring to eternity rings, the glory is simply unprecedented. A black spinel ring looks majestic from the very first sight. At TJC, spinel ring is mastered to perfection and emanate beauty as fine craftsmanship so put in it is simply a hats off process. Every piece is set in precious metals like silver, gold or platinum with respective overlay to offer the bling so required.

The slender drop earrings, flamboyant stud earrings or the chandelier earrings, every piece when accustomed with spinel gemstone, an essence of vintage and novelty comes forward. Black spinel earrings are all the rage as it personifies endless power. TJC have taken into account the burgeoning need of spinel rings and here you have it, a fine collection to make your choices.

So, discover the dazzling shine you have and what better than embracing it with a bit of bling. Trust us for offering you inexpensive jewellery and only the BEST!!

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