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More About Spinel Pendants

Spinel has been abundantly used in most of our designs, and that main reason for that is its bold colour. Enriched with a block and enriched hue in the company of clever faceting, our pendants look the picture of peppy fashion as well as eloquent grace. Shop from the wonderful collection that we have put together and binge on blissful treats, exclusively with TJC.

At TJC, we love to offer you jewellery that you’ll love. And for that, we study the range of your choices. With us, you’ll find a transcending and rich collection of bestselling pendant designs that have been making waves of fame in the fashion world. Unlock a treasure trove of the magnetic beauty and shop for a lot with us. Below, you’ll have a brief look at our promising collection.

Our Range of Spinel Pendants

We value all opinions and styles, and we come up with jewellery to match with the same. Our stupendous choices of pendants vary from simple yet stately minimalism and scope the horizon of chunky brilliance. Soft and graceful pendants come in the thrilling company of extravagant styles, too. We’ve truly thought of everything. Below are our more popular pendants styles.

Spinel Solitaire Pendants

The block and bold hues of the stone make for the best single-stone jewellery. And for that purpose, we have introduced an array of breath-taking designs. Our selections of black spinel pendants as well as red spinel pendants have forever stayed on top of the bestsellers.

Spinel Cluster Pendants

Another unique and flattering assortment consists of the cluster pendants. With the pave spinel pendants, the excellence of glitter and colour is maximised. Find silhouettes of novel shapes and make of all new and rich designs. Find relishing luxury in the features of spinel pendants in gold (rose, yellow, and white,) platinum, silver, et cetera.

Why TJC?

As you set out to shop for spinel pendants online in UK, there is an overwhelming number of options to choose from. What makes us your best pick, then? Well, that’s answered below:

High-grade Quality

TJC is a name that’s known and acknowledged as a market leader. We source our gemstones straight from their mines. This allows to host the best possible quality of genuine spinel pendants for you. And your satisfaction keeps us happy.

Low Pricing

Another reason why you ought to shop with us has to do with the pricing. As mentioned earlier, we get our stones straight from the mines. It has a two-fold benefit; apart from maintaining high and unmatched quality, we also eliminate the requirement of middlemen. This brings down the per-piece cost, and therefore, allows us to offer affordable spinel pendants to you.

This isn’t where your shopping ends. We have so much more offer you. In fact, shop from the unending collection of spinel jewellery like rings, earrings, necklaces, and more, and complete your set! Happy shopping!

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