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More About Moissanite Engagement Rings


A ring is a symbol of immortality and love, and that is why a perfect moissanite engagement ring is essential. It defines loyalty and commitment between a couple for a lifetime promise.

A ring represents the denotation of affection in engagements and weddings

A ring has no entrance or end. It a symbol of eternity also its endless, infinite, just the way commitment should be

Moissanite is an incredible gemstone for an engagement ring.


Moissanite is an unnatural gemstone, with light reflection and refraction indexes higher than diamonds. It is a gem born from the stars. It was early found in 1893 by a French scientist, Henri Moissan, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Moissanite is arranged to deliver the delusion of likeness to diamonds but is compositionally and visually entirely different from a real diamond.

Many people incline to struggle with Moissanite for diamonds. It is a gorgeous gemstone, fully colourless and maintaining a different gleam.


Moissanites are tough, long-lasting also should last for your entire life without missing their impression or becoming damaged. If you prefer a setting that's made from a premium-grade metal such as platinum or gold, a perfect moissanite engagement ring will stay with you for a very long time.

The stone has a 9.25 rating on the Mohs scale make it more extremely resilient to the aspects. it can overcome invective without losing its gleam.

Moissanite engagement rings can indicate the strength of your connection as well.


A properly cut stone enhance shine and charisma.

Moissanite has a great property, it can be cut in almost any familiar gem shape, the stunning round cut is one of the most prominent ones that couples go. That’s because this cut strengthens the blaze of the store and can take a lot of abuse, making it perfect for daily wear. Also, you can choose other cuts like a cushion, the classic heart, radiant, and marquise. Moissanite is tint-free and cut to probability.


Moissanite rings are special due to their high refractive index, also creating them 2.4 times more glimmer more than a diamond ring. They have 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, right second to a diamond, which is a 10. This makes them a great choice for a diamond. At TJC You can find it in different designs and colour options like yellow, white, and grey.


Finding Moissanite Engagement Rings online in UK is effortless for all jewellery lovers through our website. So, add the feel of a moissanite ring to your lifestyle and embolden your personality.

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