Emerald Promise Rings

More About Emerald Promise Rings

Promise rings are the addition of an all-new design. However, the practice has been noticed since almost forever. There are so many gestures of making a promise that you won’t break. And these rings are unarguably one the best ways to say it. Be it a promise of undying love, leaving some addictive substance, a friendship promise, or just about for anything, you will fondly remember and follow your word whenever you look at it! And the deal gets even better with emerald promise rings.

Of course, what makes the emerald promise rings much more appealing are the delights studded in them. If you’re looking to make the confession of your eternal love and promise to be more invested, then there’s no stone better than emerald. In fact, emerald has been one of the more important stones throughout the history. With them having a godly stature in the Egyptian times, they were also the most favoured stone for Queen Cleopatra.

Studded within the casing of yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or even silver, the rich and exotic dazzle of emerald cannot be compared with any other. If you look closely at the entrancing, green hue of the stone, you can almost spot the animated movement of its clarity. The divine lustre and sparkle of the stone make it even more alluring for the masses.

At TJC, we present an entire range of emerald promise rings that can be found encrusted with all the divinity of the gem in its richest form. We also provide you an array of eternity rings (full as well as half,) which can be worn as the promise rings. The rest of our collection has some wishbone designs as well as novel ideas for rings. Slip on something as majestic and meaningful as the promise you’ve made, only with TJC!

As of now, we at TJC are boasting four incredible patterns that are most commonly found when speaking of emerald promise rings. They are wishbone rings, eternity rings, criss-cross rings, and cross-over rings. These rings are found embellished with the premium-quality emeralds that promise an unparalleled gleam and hue.

Why wear Promise Rings?

With an enchanting enigma and deep-rooted meaning, these rings are the best symbols of a forever promise. The promise we’re talking of doesn’t have to be just the words of love and adoration, but could also be pledges of abstinence or any other aspiration you’ve set up. Emerald promise rings are just beautiful reminders of the words you’ve solemnly meant. In fact, you can wear the rings studded with other additional stones portraying meaning on their own. For instance, ruby stands for everything fierce and turquoise stands for self-assurance. Wear not only the most picturesque and aesthetically pleasing jewellery, but also the one that delivers meaning!

But, don’t just end your shopping here! We have a lot more to offer you. Our famed collection of earrings, necklaces, pendants, watches and more is something you must look at! Complete your set and shop at unmatched prices, only at TJC!

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