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More About Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Boasting charming pastel blue hue, amazonite is a stone that has been loved by connoisseurs and jewellery designs across the globe. Tinged with the enigma of the open sky, it is a classic gem made for the free spirited. Find the perfect symbolism of hopes, joys, and vivacious spirits, enclosed in the marvellous beauty of this stone. Here, we have presented some of the most loved and coveted designs of Amazonite Jewellery online in UK. Come and explore!

What is Mother of Pearl?

We’ve all heard tales and spells of pearl jewellery, but what exactly is Mother of Pearl? Well, if we’re to simplify, it is the iridescent nacre found on the inside of molluscs. These mineral coatings prevent the parasites and other foreign objects from entering. However, this protective layer is also considered to be quite entrancing, hence, making the perfect kind of jewellery. This organic layer can be composed naturally or can also be made by inserting sediments over time.

Mother of Pearl Jewellery

The inner layer has an almost glowing sort of iridescence, which is famed for its beauty worldwide. The jewellery made from the deposition and layer in Mother of Pearl is highly coveted. However, slightly less valued than real pearls, these jewellery pieces have a unique, one-of-a-kind look. The slim layer can be chiselled and smoothened into cabochons of several shapes. This is why you’ll get several different kinds of Mother of Jewellery designs online. Find below some of our bestselling lines:

Mother of Pearl Rings

The undeniable exquisiteness of Mother of Pearl ring designs is widely famous. With a magical effect that is close to the lustre of pearls, these darling delights perfectly suit the flair of posh and gorgeous. Find several styles and fashions of rings, like solitaire, floral, three-stone, and a lot more to choose from.

Mother of Pearl Necklaces

Transforming your fashion sense is quite easy if it’s done with our necklaces. These brilliantly designed beauties redefine the meaning of simplicity and regal elegance. In fact, our Mother of Pearl pendants have made quite the fame and name in the market for their lustrous goodness. Find some truly picturesque designs in our assortment, styles just for you.

Mother of Pearl Earrings

If you’re looking for wear little hints of grace and elite style, then find them all here with our earrings. We feature some spell-binding styles that will make you a showstopper in the matter of a few seconds. From simple studs to dainty drops, we have something for everyone. Come and find yours, here!

Why Choose TJC?

Find the bestselling designs of Mother of Pearl jewellery online in UK with us. Shopping is better when it’s done with us and we have a lot of reasons to support this claim. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

High-grade Quality

TJC is a name known and acknowledged for the best grade and quality. Our selection of natural and real Mother of Pearl Jewellery is truly priceless. We offer you a class of quality that you will rarely find anywhere else. Come and explore from a fine and treasure-worthy selection of the best.

Low Prices

Another reason that keeps us ahead and apart is our pricing. We offer you a stunning assortment of affordable Mother of Pearl Jewellery that will bring you class at the price that your pockets are going to love. Come and find the masterpieces with us.

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