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More About Tahitian Pearl Jewellery

In terms of being organically coloured, Tahitian pearls are the only authentically black-hued pearls found on the face of the planet. The lush shine and smooth texture of these pearls make them highly coveted and special. The colour is derived out of the rich black lip of the oysters, which makes them even more treasured.

What makes the luxurious sheen of these jewels even more appreciable is the wide and sacrilegious range of colours found of it. Ranging from ashen grey and metallic grey, the pearls can be found in the darkest shade of ebony and graphite, which makes their lure even more hypnotizing. Delightfully, some shades also seem almost with the tinges of purple and green. The iridescent colour palette of the pearls also makes them several notches more palpably enticing.

Now, the major characteristic that stands out, when talking of Tahitian Pearls, is that they are not necessarily round, which is unlike Freshwater Pearls or White Pearls. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be categorized as Baroque and near-round, but not entirely symmetrical.

What we, at TJC take pride in, is in the craftsmanship we hire to mould the transcending charm of these pearls into something even more ethereally appealing. Fine detailing is paid due attention to, so that the lux of these luxurious gems is portrayed in the most magical and majestic manner possible. You will find an array of jewellery designs that are studded or strewn with the wise use of Tahitian Pearls, such as Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Earrings, Pearl Rings, Pearl Bracelets, and so on and so forth.

What more, we believe that most part of our business is deemed successful with your happiness. And so, we make thorough efforts to keep it that way. Our user-friendly portal lets you browse through the entirety of our broad collection with childish ease and our quick, easy, and convenient doorstep delivery suits all your shopping reveries.

So, binge away for some bling and sparkle with us, exclusively at TJC!

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