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More About Santa Fe Jewellery

Santa Fe Collection: Immersing You in the Soul of Southwest America

If you ever get a chance to visit Sante Fe in Mexico, you will certainly be astonished by the striking manners and iconic style of the citizens who do not feel any hesitation to show their true personality. Taking birth from their ferocious sense of style and artistic ways, the collection truly embodies the rich culture of the city.

The southwestern people have stayed close to their roots as many have fully embraced the jewellery designs worn by the native tribes. Our exotic jewellery pieces display the same vibrancy as the adornments once worn by the local tribal people. Instead of twinkling gemstones, the local people used precious and semi-precious stones, which are easily available at hand, to craft their own jewellery. As a consequence, the Sante Fe jewellery comes adorned in turquoise and seashells. In our Santa Fe Jewellery collection, we have tried to evoke the same beauty and authenticity as seen in the designs originating in southwest American.

Different life forms portrayed by the jewellery pieces are reversed by the tribe’s people. The origin of this style can be traced back to the Native American, Anglo American and Spanish Americans. Initially, the Santa Fe ornaments had some functionality and were not used for aesthetics purpose. The bold bracelets you see in our collection were wrist guards meant to protect the wrist when using a bow and arrow. With changing times, it transformed into a jewellery piece that adorns the wrist well.

Preserving the Tradition

The online Santa Fe jewellery collection incorporates the various methods and techniques commonly used by the Navajo artisans to craft their jewellery. Their traditional way of creation is unique and transcends into exclusive pieces that differ to other styles of jewellery making. Thus, every piece that you buy from this range has a unique persona. These fine pieces are enriched by the wealth of information they are imbued as they narrate the common lore and portray the symbols often seen in the southwest tribal community.

Maintaining High Standards of Craftsmanship

We wish to deliver you the greatest experience with every piece of jewellery. To do the same, every piece in our collection is crafted using sterling silver and eye-popping varieties of turquoise. The use of juicy colours on designs that are masterfully crafted makes our jewellery worth investing in. If you want to stand out and never miss a single moment when you could be in the spotlight, you will find our collection truly satisfying. For the lovers of southwestern culture, we transformed all of the products into masterpieces you can’t get enough of and brought the Santa Fe jewellery in UK. The intricacy shown by our designs might make you wonder how we brought them to life. TJC is proud to reveal that we have a highly enthusiastic team of designers and artisans who are never short of creativity.

Your Purchase Feeds Programme

We believe in making continuous contributions to society and sharing our happiness. To ensure, you too can take part in one effort to improve the lives of children overshadowed by poverty; we donate one meal to a hungry child with every purchase you make. It is done through registered charities like Magic Breakfast and Akshay Patra, who have collaborated with us on long terms.