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Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping your mouth clean and disease free. So, oral preventive habits give you the best chance for a beautiful smile and long-lasting oral health.

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Level up your dental hygiene with our range of electric toothbrushes. Our collection gets into the very corner of your mouth. These are so versatile that you can customise the rotation and vibration of some electric toothbrushes, these will give you the best and most comfortable brushing experience. We have selected a line of electric toothbrushes with multiple heads and designs, giving you a comfortable sense of appeal.

Get ready to flash a bright smile with this tooth polisher from Optismile! With this professional-grade tooth polisher, you can get whiter and brighter teeth at home. The tooth polisher comes with built-in LED light for your convenience, has two-speed settings and has 18000 rotations per minute to remove all the stains efficiently. Its spinning action ensures quick stain removal to give a bright smile. It comes with a cover that can be carried in case of travel.

We have some selected and most loved electric toothbrushes with exchangeable heads to replace your worn-out toothbrushes. Taking care of your oral health is easy with this Sonic electric rechargeable waterproof toothbrush. This toothbrush is made from ABS material which is lightweight, durable and easy to use. It comes with two toothbrush heads, a charging base with a USB charging cable and five modes to give you the desired results. It effectively removes bacterial plaque and reduces the redness of the gum. It gives you a new brushing experience.

Oral care is packed and linked to full body health. To keep your body fit and healthy, you must keep your mouth and teeth clean and hygenic. As what goes into your body passes through your mouth. So, shop and explore our range of oral care with the best prices and deals found online only in the TJC collection.

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