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How many times your slumber days went along the way you have planned? Hardly it happens, because in the stride of “me time” with grooming yourself, investing time in maintaining a good health of your nails and all decked up in your PJs lands up to a dream and make a sad place into the bucket list.

Talking about “me time” and imparting some time to look your extreme best is so important. After all, your hard work is all drained out if you are not reaping the benefits of dolling up like a queen at times. Treat yourself with makeup and painting your nails in the most eclectic colours to drive yourself in high moods. As they say, nail art is a therapy to elevate the artist in you and calm your ever elevated stress hormones. Mavala nail polish becomes your most congenial companion to let you binge into this art.

With a super smooth and long staying formula and some marvellous colours to pick, this is no less than a steal. Whether it's a glitter nail polish or party inspired super long staying sassy nail polishes, the texture is just impressive.

In fact, nail care by Mavala tools and accessories is just a dream and offer a salon inspired indulgence. So, if you have to “do your nail” next time, don’t put money into that hefty salon inspired nails, as Mavala products are just commendable. You can also go for a set of nail polishes that are altogether a treat to try on vividness to your nails and contemplate for future buys.

So, here to all the lovely ladies, you are beautiful and gorging into some makeup and nail art is just a good idea to turn any bad day into good. Spruce up your look and make an enchanting nail story.

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