More About Diamond Cluster Rings

A cluster formation is one of the most popular choices amongst the buyers as it gives them the luxury to wear a bigger design without shelling out a massive amount of money. Originally, the solitaires were a prime option when it came to engagements and weddings. Princess Diana’s ring given by Prince William to Kate at the time of their engagement became the talk of the town, bringing the diamond cluster ring once again in the spotlight. At first, only diamonds were used for creating the breath-taking cluster rings, later other gemstones were also added.

A cluster of diamonds has been arranged in diverse ways to bring out a myriad of creative silhouettes by our craftsmen. So, at TJC, the diamond cluster rings online are offered in a variety of shapes and styles. One of the high in demand cluster ring-types consists of a large central diamond surrounded by smaller round diamonds/other gemstones. The sunburst ring is a perfect example of it. The smaller diamonds can either be aligned to form a floral motif or any of the classic geometric shapes you are well acquainted with (square, round, oval, teardrop, etc.). In our diamond cluster rings UK collection, we have vintage rings, cocktail ring, halo rings, band-style rings and more. More often than not, round diamonds are used as accent stones, they are easy to embellish teeny-tiny corners; though, you will also find diamonds in other shapes embedded on our rings.

A diamond ring helps you make an ultimate fashion statement with the bright sparkle and never-ending beauty. Our white gold diamond cluster rings combine the flawlessness of diamonds with a gorgeous sheen of the precious metal. High-quality colourless diamonds look seamless on white gold. For women who love the bold, blazing colour we have vibrant rings that display flamboyant with an array of coloured diamonds. If you are searching for something that lies in between simplicity and gaudiness, the twilight collection will please your eyes. It integrates blue and white diamonds on the head of the ring giving you the best of both worlds! On some days you might want to flash several colours on your finger, for that case our rainbow rings are a perfect fit. They are studded with diamonds differing in hue to form striking jewellery. For an edgy appearance, try our asymmetrical rings.

The beauty of our yellow gold diamond cluster rings is beyond being captivated in words. The luxe lustre of yellow gold has been royal’s delight for ages. The metal is loved for its tantalizing shimmer. The diamonds studded on a yellow gold shank add a classy look to your outfits. From ballerina to double-halo, we have a galore of designs your beloved will instantly fall in love with. If she has a petite finger, buy the dainty floral ring for her.

No matter which ring you choose from our collection, all of them offer a unique look to your hand. With our diamond cluster ring collection at TJC, you can purchase a design that will surely steal the heart of your lady love without breaking the bank. The cluster formed by multiple diamonds offers you a large size at a much lower cost when compared to a solitaire.

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