More About Platinum Diamond Rings

Like stars in a starry night, the shimmer of diamonds is very well expressed when paired with the platinum metal base. The rings made from the melange of this duo can indeed make every jaw drop. Be it a wedding or an engagement, the platinum and diamond rings carved with love and perfection can be an ultimate mate to rely on your special day. Their gleam and grandeur will never let you down. With the diversity of combinations and designs featured right above, you can find your ideal match, just as special as your special someone. The platinum diamond rings in UK are very popular and among the celebrity trends as well. They undoubtedly have an opulent image in the market and a tendency to stand out on the wearer’s fingers! Glance through some of the most popular designs of the discussed rings below:

TJC’s Collection of diamond rings in platinum:

Featuring the splendid range with super fine designs and patterns, the rings here have a very fine composition with a thoughtful meaning behind. Featuring the designer range as well as the timeless classics, they can be ideal for any occasion, be it an infrequent or regular event.

• Band Rings:- Classic diamond band rings in platinum with benchmark values have been running in the race since decades. They are featured with a simple design, featuring a band that is often decked with diamonds or other gemstones. They are available in full eternity or half eternity pattern, indicating the setting of gems or diamonds over the frame.

• Cluster Rings:- Decked with multiple diamonds all together, the cluster rings are very regal and fancy. They showcase a very sophisticated design with absolute neat finish. Each diamond in these rings is studded with utmost perfection.

• Halo/Double Halo design:- Featuring a very elegant design, the halo pattern resembles very much with the floral pattern. They feature a single gem or diamond in the centre, encircled with other similar or different gems around in round symmetric setting. The single circle or double on the outer side determines the halo form, and hence, gives a very exquisite theme to the ring. TJC’s diamond halo rings in platinum have often left people bewitched, peek in for them!

• Solitaire Rings:- The collection of platinum diamond solitaire rings is very popular among the other designs, more so with their lavish grandeur. They are minimal and classic in theme, featuring just a single diamond set on the frame. These rings are also famously used in engagement and weddings.

Why chose TJC?

Enjoying the satisfaction through the eyes of our customers is TJC’s greatest joy. In our range of platinum diamond rings online, we promise the similar satisfaction with great experience. Offering ultimate quality and supreme finish, each ring featured here is created and carved under the expert guidance to ensure the standards. We understand the expectations of your consumers and hence strive to bring only the bests!

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