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More About Diamond Solitaire Rings

The first thing that comes to your mind when you decide to tie the knot with the love of your life is that special ring that will be the symbol of your love and bond for the rest of your life. Finding a perfect ring is an emotional and romantic experience that invokes incredible memories that you will cherish forever. In the world full of different varieties of rings, the one which strikes every woman's heart is a diamond solitaire ring.

If you are planning to buy this gorgeously designed ring, you are about to begin your journey to the magical world of romance, love, bond, and commitment. It is believed that the tips of Cupid’s arrows were marked with diamonds. The Ancient Greeks considered that diamonds were pieces of stars that fell on earth. These elegantly crafted rings are the most elegant, classic, and iconic engagement rings. The trend of these always stands strong no matter what style is ruling the fashion world.

What are solitaire diamond rings?

These masterpieces refer to a ring that has a single diamond in the centre. Its striking design puts the stone on full display. In these wonderful pieces, there are no accent gemstones. The ring has a simple design focusing on the centre stone. These rings have a great significance while celebrating engagement, wedding, anniversaries, and birthdays.

TJC's Collection of Diamond Solitaire Rings

TJC's diamond solitaire rings online have combined all the beautiful styles, designs, inspiration, and art to offer you with the most exquisite designs. Our teams of designers have researched, studied, and taken inspiration from various cultures to craft the most brilliant collection for you. TJC' s special assortment presents you with a wide range of beautiful rings styled in precious metals like platinum, platinum-plated silver, 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 18K White gold, 9K yellow gold, and 9K White gold. TJC's grand collection makes available numerous choices to make your engagement and wedding special and unforgettable.

TJC's collection offers beautiful pieces set in various settings such as bezel, pavé halo, pressure, and prong. Here is a glimpse of our styles:

Solitaire Diamond Rings in Gold

These classic rings have fused the sparkle of diamond with the lustrous beauty of the gold. Whether you love the classic yellow gold or the contemporary hit white gold, we have taken care of all your tastes. We have artistically bejewelled the diamond in pressure, bezel, and prong settings in metals like 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 18K White gold, 9K yellow gold, and 9K White gold.

Solitaire Diamond Rings in Platinum

If you want to showcase a royal and luxurious look in your engagement, then our solitaire rings cast in platinum will fulfil your wish. Our platinum solitaire diamond rings are so beautiful that you will be able to sense royalty. Our artists have precisely detailed, polished, and finished these rings symbolising love carrying the extravagance of platinum metal.

TJC's collection offers you rings studded with not just white but Polki, black, and blue diamonds making you feel like a princess

Why Choose TJC?

For all the people who are looking for the stylish, fashionable, contemporary, classic, chic, and value for money collection of diamond solitaire rings online in UK, then it is TJC's promises to deliver you the best of jewellery with excellent finishing and quality-assured stones. Our designers have not left any stone unturned in designing the best-designed pieces. We offer you premium quality products at amazing deals.

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