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We have a perfect plan to bring you all the sparkle and flicker of stars. Crafted by the skilled hands and experts, the diamond rings with halo design have a tendency to lure all with their harmony and formation. They know how to emphasise your choice in jewellery and make you red carpet ready! Before letting the design play its card and tempt you more, let us take a moment and recall he history of the wonderful pattern.

The halo designed rings age a long way back to early Georgian era in Europe, which sited from 1714 to 1837. For centuries, the undeniable beauty and elegance of these rings crossed our minds, whenever we thought of a perfect engagement ring. The halo not just fits well for engagement but is also fondly worn on many important occasions. In this design, you will see a central stone encircled with concentric circles. With the change in time and growing popularity of the design, the artisans added contemporary notes to the classic form, such as the double halo diamond rings in order to bring some master pieces and mind-blowing designs of all time! Now, trust your heart and let it guide through this massive range of rings, flaunted just for you:

TJC’s Collection of Halo Diamond Rings:

• Diamond Halo Rings in Platinum: Crafted from the pure form of platinum and its purest perfection, this range of halo diamond rings online gleams like no other. They are best encased with the dazzling diamonds around to further beautify the entire formation. The dressing of diamonds in these rings is like the cherry on top of cake, adding more value to their worth!

• Diamond Halo Rings in Gold: Crafted out from the gorgeous gleam of gold, the rings made in this metal type shine very different and prominently. When we hear the term gold, we always picture the yellow shiny metal surface but trust us this collection is much more diverse than that! Here the gold is available in various tones, such as the white gold, gorgeous yellow gold and very pretty rose gold. Each surface has a unique charm and secret to fascinate you.

• Diamond Halo rings in Silver: Shiny and shimmery, the rings made in silver have a very classy appearance. Unlike any other metal type, the silver also features multiple tones for all your lovely ladies. There rose gold plated, along with rhodium and platinum overlay rings can serve for a great surface and everyday use. They are durable and very attractive at the same time.

Why Choose TJC?:

Featuring some of the best examples of halo diamond rings in UK, we have a huge selection for our customers to choose from! At TJC, we have alluring range with similar elements and designs. Whether it is a classic floral inspired halo design or a bold double halo style, we have something for you and your family here.

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