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More About Silver Diamond Rings

If you love diamond rings in silver sheen, you will love the range TJC have here! Browse through our exquisite collection, featuring bar, prong, cluster, channel settings to pick from. Here, the designs are inspired from classic history to recent trends. They have a significant meaning behind every formation, and hence, can bring thoughtfulness in your jewellery collection. From everyday comfort to fancy cocktail designs, the wide range will take you down a roller coaster ride full of ecstasy to the world of elegance and opulence. Continue reading to discover some of the greatest silver diamond rings online.

TJC’s Collection of Silver Diamond Rings for Women:

Beautiful Band Rings: Brilliance of our collection is best depicted through the silver diamond band rings. Featured in various settings and formations like half eternity or full eternity, the band rings showcase a mental band laced with diamonds as per the said settings. Solitaire is another setting that can be seen in this type of rings.

Fantastic Floral/Leaf Rings: Clearly inspired from the beauty of Mother Nature, these designs are like breath of fresh air. They are crafted with finest details and clear pattern in order to bring the best of formations and resemble with real flowers or leaf. They are further sprinkled with diamonds around to bring the twinkle like stars on top.

Brilliant Bolo Rings: Best described as a designer type, the bolo rings give you the freedom to set the size. They are offered with ball slider lock or often a chain or string to set the desirable size and seek the ideal fit. They are adorned with diamonds on the front part while the back is like a lace to tie and seek its best looks.

Charming Cross-Over Rings: Projecting the Criss-cross pattern, these diamond silver rings are very bold and fancy in design. They showcase the intricate designs and the settings of diamonds to demonstrate their bypass details well. The rings are very opulent and can highlight your taste in jewellery very well.

Cherished Cluster Rings: Decked with multiple diamonds in close setting, these rings are bold and attention seekers! They can bring all the limelight on you instant and offer the dazzle of multiple diamonds at once. The cluster rings are further beautified with various styles and cocktail formations to further match the over-all audacious vibes. You can also spot silver diamond wedding rings in this celebrated collection!

Why Choose TJC:

From your day to day needs to elegant jewellery, TJC is the hub spot for all your shopping requirements. Flaunted above, we have some of the most special silver diamond rings in UK. Crafted from pure love and authenticity, we believe in carry forwarding our legacy and deliver the best of goods to our customers. Here, we not just keep our focus on jewellery but are also keenly interested in the daily essential products and requirements of people who have their faith in us. Not just for women, our diamond in silver rings for men also feature designs made for love, don’t miss them!

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