More About Diamond Stud Earrings

Every woman and man needs an effortless accessory to rely on for a quick style and dress up. The stud earrings have been serving the said purpose for decades now. First introduced almost 3000 years back, when a hoop or stud was inserted right in the pierced skin, this design has come a long way! It is an ideal pair to own for a quick fix on busy mornings and add elegance to your look almost naturally. From a regular metal block or circle, the stud earrings have now evolved into gorgeous designs and patterns, from classic solitaire to the fancy floral. From a bewitching range to pick from, it can be a tough decision to decide, and hence, to make this shopping experience pleasing for you, we listed down some of the bestselling designs of small diamond stud earrings right below:

TJC’s Collection of Diamond Studs:

Easy to go and perfect to pick, diamond stud earrings for women not just know how to embrace you but also bring a lot of shimmer and sparkle on the lobe. Amidst the gorgeous locks, their flicker does not let them camouflage. Read below for some of the all-time favourite stud designs:

• Simple Solitaire:- Decked with just one diamond in the centre, this classic design of diamond stud earrings for men and women is ideal for regular use. The gems in the following style are carved in shaped like round and square with utmost brilliance. Mostly prong setting is used to help stones stay rooted in the frame and stay durable for your everyday use.

• Happening Halo:- This design is a lot more similar to flower, however, features a central gem enclosed with concentric circles. It looks very elegant and ideal for regular use. The design has a pretty rich history, ageing back to early Georgian era. It looks exquisite and hence is fondly accepted all over the world.

• Fabulous Floral:- Inspired from the love and essence of nature and its offerings, the floral designs have a tendency to make everyone fall in love with them. The design looks refreshing just like the greens and nature, and hence, can bring a lot of blooming vibes in your jewellery collection.

• Cosmic Cluster:- Decked with multiple diamonds all over, the cluster pattern is somewhat little bold and prominent in design. They sparkle up to their utmost altitude and look extremely opulent. The designer pairs are also featured in this range only!

• Stunning Snowflake:- Inspired from the delicate and fragile design of a snowflake, these earrings are very appealing. The formation is very clean and features each cut and curve beautifully. This collection of diamond stud earrings online is lately very much in demand and is also positively accepted by the customers around.

Why Choose TJC:

Featuring some of the most gorgeous designs and a fantastic range of diamond stud earrings in UK, we at TJC are proud of our collection and its diversity. The collection is hand selected to feature some of the greatest masterpieces and heart-winning designs!

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